CBD And Pain

CBD and Pain

If your anything like the 20.4 percent of the US population that suffers from chronic pain, you’re probably
looking for relief. Chronic pain can certainly take a toll on your well being. Even fleeting pain can have a
devastating effect on your day. You might be quick to reach for the ibuprofen or maybe you’ve visited a pain
management doctor and have been prescribed something a little bit stronger. It’s also possible that you’re
dissatisfied with these options. It’s no secret that opiates come with their own set of trouble.

Fortunately, there is a solution embraced by millions that has been assisting with comfort and pain relief
without all the side effects. Opiates are addictive and produce harsh withdrawal symptoms. NSAIDs like
aspirin and acetaminophen are effective treatments for inflammatory pain but are harsh on the liver. CBD oil
however is a gift given to us by nature
and is quite effective at tackling a wide spectrum of aches and pains.

Although we won’t be able to take an exhaustive look at every pain and symptom that CBD is effective in assisting, we will be taking a look at a few different types of pain and how CBD oil is able to help. Consider this an introductory evaluation of CBD and pain.

What is CBD oil?

First off, what is CBD oil and how does it work? Cannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid found in
cannabis plants. There are dozens of different cannabinoids. CBD is found in cannabis Sativa, Indica, and

Being a product of cannabis plants has created a bit of confusion over the years with many people assuming
it has something to do with weed. Although CBD can be extracted from marijuana, most CBD is derived
from its non-psychoactive cousin hemp. CBD oil is made from extracting the CBD from the plant and then
diluting it with hemp seed oil or similar oil. 

CBD oil is typically sold as a tincture or is infused into products such as lotions, salves, gummies, and other edibles or encapsulated. 

How does CBD oil help reduce pain?

Your body comes equipped with what is known as the endocannabinoid system. This system helps regulate
various bodily functions such as your sleep cycle, immune system, and pain regulation.

Some other cannabinoids such as THC effect this system in such a way that it produces a high. CBD oil however does not produce these intoxicating effects but instead helps facilitate your body’s natural pain management functions.

Increases natural anandamide levels

CBD oil does more than have a positive interaction with your endocannabinoid system, CBD helps prevent
the body from absorbing anandamide
. This substance is most notable for its potent effects in regulating pain.
With the help of CBD, anandamide levels surge in your blood and consequently your pain levels drop.

Thus, CBD oil gives your body that little extra push it needs to do what it does best. We are healing machines and have evolved complex systems to self regulate our pain response. Instead of flooding your body with harsh corrosive or addictive chemicals, CBD oil gives your body a helping hand in producing the natural components it needs to reduce pain. 

Strong Anti-Inflammatory

Your body sends a molecule known as eicosanoid to trigger an inflammatory response. CBD can reduce
by inhibiting an enzyme known as COX2 which is one of these eicosanoids. This inhibition
results in a significant reduction in inflammation. CBD oil works on the same principle as naproxen to
reduce inflammatory pain. Although they are functionally similar, CBD oil has the upper hand by not
resulting in long term liver damage like other anti-inflammatory medications. 

Inflammatory pain is one of the 4 main types of pain :

  1.  Nociceptive Pain – from injury 
  2. Inflammatory Pain – from the immune response 
  3. Neuropathic Pain – from never damage or discomfort 
  4.  Functional Pain – from an unknown cause

CBD oil is known to be effective to some level or degree in treating all 4 types of pain but not necessarily every cause. It’s not a miracle panacea cure-all but what is capable of accomplishing is quite astonishing. Let’s take a look at these 4 types of pain individually and see just how CBD oil can help


Nociceptive Pain

This is the most common kind of pain that we experience. Chances are you’ve felt this sort of pain quite a few times. If you ever stubbed your toe or cut your hand on a piece of broken glass then you’ve felt nociceptive pain. Sports injuries, sprains, breaks, burns, and abrasions are just a few kinds of pain in this category. CBD is effective in minimizing the severity of this sort of pain. While it won’t make it disappear, it will make the situations a bit more bearable.

Inflammatory Pain

When you have an operation there are two types of pain you might experience. The initial pain experienced
by the incision and procedure is nociceptive pain. The subsequent pain post-procedure is called
inflammatory pain. This is triggered by your body’s natural immune response. The warm, throbbing,
swelling or burning sensation is all caused by inflammation. So while nociceptive pain and inflammatory
pain are related, one can be seen as the cause and the other as the effect.

Other examples of Inflammatory pain include arthritis, rheumatoid disorders, Crohn’s disease, and other autoimmune inflammatory diseases. As we mentioned above, CBD oil is especially effective at combating this sort of pain. 

Neuropathic Pain

Damage or trauma to your nerves as well as inflammation of your nervous system can result in quite a bit of
pain. This pain tends to be rather unique compared to other sorts producing novel sensations incomparable to
other sensations. This mysterious malevolent experience is known as dysesthesia. Neuropathic pain can
come and go sporadically or may persist in a chronic fashion. Some sufferers experience rather intense pins
and needles sensations while others describe their symptoms as shooting or burning.

Examples of neuropathic pain include carpal tunnel syndrome, causalgia, peripheral neuropathy, and side effects caused by cancer or shingles. CBD oil has shown the most promise with this sort of pain, oftentimes giving people relief from debilitating discomfort in such a way that it gives them their lives back. When nothing else works and the damage is hard to address without resorting to heavy painkillers, it’s reassuring that there is a natural solution that can be offered as a life preserver to help the sufferer hold on.

Functional Pain

This is the term given to pain that has no obvious organic origin. Functional pain is the most mysterious kind
of pain that no doubt has a cause but science and medicine haven’t quite figured out what it is yet.
Fibromyalgia, abdominal migraine, IBS, and endometriosis are common ailments that fit the bill here.

Although CBD oil may not be the only solution for some of these life-pausing sources of pain, for some it may be the best option currently available.

Psychological Pain

Although not listed on our 4 medically agreed-upon types of pain, we live in a world that inflicts quite a bit
of psychological trauma and distress upon far too many people. While it would be beneficial for society to
address the root of this sociological disease, we can attempt to provide some aid to those that experience the
symptoms. And while some folks suffer from the ill effects of a troubling world, others endure psychological
distress rooted in chemical imbalances.

Stress and anxiety are commonplace. We’ve all experienced momentary rendezvouses with these formidable foes while others experience these painful psychological maladies on a daily basis. Studies, as well as countless anecdotal testimonies, have attested to CBD oil’s effectiveness at relieving stress and anxiety in some individuals. It’s advisable to consult your physician before switching from a regularly prescribed medication to a natural supplement such as CBD oil but it could very well be an extra added tool in your arsenal to take some of the pressure off your shoulders when your mind gives you agony. 



It should be reiterated that CBD oil isn’t some kind of cure-all for every trouble that humanity faces. This
would be an absurd delusion to embrace. CBD oil won’t cure cancer but it might reduce the pain and
suffering involved in combating it. CBD won’t heal you thoroughly of your chronic neurological condition
or undo that femur break you got back in college and the lasting inflammation that came with it. Some have
made wildly speculative claims about CBD and have created unrealistic expectations from desperate people. 

That being said, CBD oil does have an incredibly impressive list of benefits for those suffering from a wide
range of different kinds of pain. From arthritis to fibromyalgia, CBD oil has helped millions pick themselves
back up after a long painful battle and start living again.

Some take CBD oil on its own while others add it to their regular supplement regimen. It’s always important to consult your doctor or health care provider before taking something new. CBD is a powerful tool that’s worth looking into especially if whatever you’ve already tried for your pain isn’t working.

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