CBD Oil and Lupus

CBD Oil and Lupus

You may have heard about CBD because of the recent increase in acceptance of weed in most states, but it is
not like a weed. In fact, you can be sure that CBD oil is not weed; it’s just an extract of the cannabis plant.
Cannabis plants are not necessarily weed plants. When people smoke weed, they don’t get CBD. They get
high from THC. The CDC has established that it is very difficult to get high on CBD. So, CBD and THC are
very different and they also cause different effects on your body. A very interesting effect has been seen for
lupus and we are going to look at it. 

So, before we dive into the effect of CBD on lupus, let me explain how they create CBD oil. Think of CBD oil as the gentle therapeutic part of the plant. They usually obtain it by crushing the shoot of the plant and performing some specialized trick to separate the oil from the other substances. Luckily, the oil makes up most of the plant – about 40%. The chemical processes that are widely available for extracting the oil tend to be very accurate. So; yes – you can get your hands on pure CBD oil quite easily. 

What’s the Connection of CBD Oil to Lupus?

Lupus is an autoimmune disease or a disease of the immune system while cbd oil is known to reduce
inflammation or swelling because it interacts with many parts of the immune system. Now, that’s easy to
understand for a start. I will make it even easier before we get into the details of how CBD oil affects lupus.
I just want to help you understand or remind you of how the immune system works.

The immune system works by detecting an abnormal event in your body, launching different levels of
defense, and withdrawing as you heal. When it withdraws, it does not die down but goes back to the basic
defense position. In this position, the system will depend on whether it can keep information about good
substances and bad substances, as well as good tissues and ad ones.

In lupus, the immune system is not able to distinguish between the good that is already part of your body and
the bad. So, it launches attacks on good cells in the body, destroying them and allowing their contents to
float around the area of attack. You may ask: How far can it go? Well, that depends on how it all started.
Some of the problems are inherited and the severity will depend on how the disease was in the previous
generation. If it began in the skin as a skin condition, the problem may be limited to the skin. If it is systemic
or all-over the body, it tends to go in different directions and affect numerous organs.

The challenge that makes cbd oil a good candidate for reducing the severity of lupus is that there are many points where it can act. Our cells have many holders for CBD molecules and the oil can then cause an impact from there. It is part of the reason why you hear CBD being associated with many issues. It creates some effect anywhere it goes. However, CBD oil is not a cure for lupus, it may help reduce the severity and it does not substitute going to a doctor. In fact, you should ask the doctor before relying on CBD oil for any condition. 

Is it Legal to Consider CBD Oil for Lupus?

Cbd is legal for any use but the content of legal cbd oil and its application varies across states. In states where
marijuana is legal, cbd is completely legal at the highest doses. States that have various levels of prohibition
for marijuana also tend to have restrictions for the content of cbd oil. THC-free cbd is legal in all states. 

If your state still prohibits recreational marijuana, ensure that you understand the laws on cbd before purchasing and using it. The best approach is to specifically request THC-free cbd. It is usually made from hemp extracts. Such products are highly likely to be accepted across all states. You also need to understand that you won’t get it as an official prescription for lupus because it is not the proven and standardized therapy. 

How does one use CBD oil for Lupus?

Using CBD oil will not cure lupus but the people that use it intend to reduce pain and inflammation. Lupus
can cause a lot of pain, especially in the joint. The reason for the pain is that the disease can attack your
nerves too. The challenge of attacking nerves is a big one because the person’s feelings of pain may
increase. Some people will try different ways to minimize the pain, which also creates a risk of addiction to
the substances that they use. CBD oil is not addictive. 

So, how is the cbd oil often used? Surprisingly, people use cbd oil in so many ways, including rubbing it
over their skin, swallowing drops of the oil, and inhaling cbd oil sprays. Let’s take some precautions again
by consulting with the doctor before applying cbd over open wounds, using it when you have liver problems,
for any serious condition, and avoid mixing it with medication.

Rubbing cbd over the skin involves placing a few drops over the palm and then smearing it in the target area.
cbd is fairly safe on the skin and not as sensitive as oral intakes. If you don’t have very sensitive skin, you
can rub cbd on your body and see if it gives you the effect you want. The idea of rubbing cbd for lupus is the
hope that it may penetrate through the skin pores and create some effect on your body. 

Drinking cbd oil creates a stronger effect and you should be careful about it. If your doctor says that you
won’t have any problem with swallowing cbd when you have lupus, you can use a dropper to place one to
two small drops on your tongue and swallow them. Once you decide to try oral cbd, you need to go slow on
it to avoid unintended and unexpected outcomes. Our bodies are different and you may expect a different
effect from that seen in a friend or someone else. Take the precaution until you are sure that you can take
any more. 

CBD oil sprays are also common. I am not talking about vapes because many of those tend to contain dangerous substances. The FDA warns about using vapes. The right CBD sprays are pure CBD oils packed in a small sprayer. People spray little amounts around their nose or over an open mouth. They then inhale the CBD oil. The method can deliver very high doses and it requires only one take for beginners. 

The Outcomes of Using CBD Oil for Lupus

We have already established that cbd oil is not a cure for lupus but it may cause relief for some people. In
fact, lupus does not have any cure yet. The role of cbd may be in reducing the pain, swelling, and slowing or
preventing future progression of a non-severe disease. The Journal of Neurology reports that cbd has
significant effects in regulating a rogue immune system. It may be the reason why a few people report the
slowing down of lupus from using cbd oil. However, they don’t yet have a way to prove it works for most
people with lupus.

People with lupus tend to experience a lot of pain and cbd might lower it. If lupus progresses or spreads to
the joints, it can cause lupus arthritis, which is usually very painful. It is hoped that cbd may help some
people by infiltrating these areas to slow down the destruction of good cells or improve on the nervous
system. The other issue that people suffering from lupus face is the stress and frustration of dealing with the
disease. It is hoped that cbd can lower the mental pressure. 

If you go online and check out some of the commonest conversations about cbd oil, you will find many
people talking about the relaxation and tranquility that they get from it. The Psychiatric Times, The CDC,
and Science Daily report on the potential of cbd for managing mental health challenges. People that have
lupus can struggle with anxiety, self-esteem issues, or depression. cbd oil can regulate the abnormal effects
of stressors on the nerves and prevent the occurrence of severe disorders. However, it does not substitute the
reliance on the services of a doctor, which should be the priority.

We can see that CBD oil has not been ruled out for reducing the suffering of people with lupus. The disease occurs when the body’s immune system attacks the wrong cells and tissues. CBD oil is known to reduce swelling or inflammation and it may help to reduce the attack. It is legal to use CBD oil in most states but you have to be sure that it is THC-free for use in some states. People use it by rubbing the oil over the skin, inhaling CBD sprays, or swallowing droplets. The known outcomes include less pain, relaxation, and reducing the psychological issues related to the disease. You must always consult your doctor before making decisions about your health or going for specific effects of CBD.

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