CBD Oil for Shingles

CBD Oil for Shingles for 2021

If ever you had shingles, you must know the pain you have been through. If you suffered from chickenpox sometime in the past, you have endured the pain of rashes that are like blisters, having said that there is a high chance that this shingle virus is hiding dormant in your body somewhere. The fact is, the same virus termed as “varicella-zoster” is responsible for chickenpox and shingles. If someone you know has suffered from chickenpox recently, there are chances that the virus can be active in their body. 

Understanding Shingles

In reality, there is no single effective treatment for this condition and the possible complications that come
with it. Doctors are not exactly sure about the real cause of shingles, however, since people above the age of
get affected the most they feel a weakened immune system can be the probable cause. Suffering from
other diseases like cancer or HIV increases the chances of shingles, improper stress management is also a

Certain medicines like steroids also heighten the chances, similarly, common treatments of cancer like chemo or radiation can also trigger this disease. Vaccines are key preventive measures for their treatment. With almost a million cases in the US every year, people are looking out for natural ways to treat the pain that comes with it. Some have opted for CBD Oil as the savior.

Is Shingles Contagious?

The answer to it is “YES” it is, any person with shingles can potentially spread it, however, some who had
never had chickenpox before are the vulnerable ones. Someone who has suffered chickenpox will develop
antibodies that guard them against any further infection. 

The people who have never come in contact with this virus or had chickenpox would be susceptible, they
would not get shingles but would get chickenpox because the later can manifest only when the virus is
already in the body and is lying dormant. Sadly chickenpox can be dangerous and even life-threatening at

For adults who have never suffered from chickenpox when they were kids or never got vaccinated, an attack of chickenpox can trigger pneumonia or meningitis. However, once the blisters cover the virus on the skin it is no more contagious, and covering the blisters ensuring it won’t spread. 

Does Shingles Lead to Other Complications?

Once your body has recovered from shingles, the symptoms this virus leaves behind generally go away in a
month. There are rare cases when this virus can create fatal complications that can damage the organs. While
shingles itself is not life-threatening, but it surely has the potential. It can make a person lose the eyesight if
the area infected was eyes, for lungs, there are chances of pneumonia, hepatitis for liver cases, and so on. 

Early treatment is always recommended for any kind of viral infection, it can help you contain the symptoms
and stop the chances of it going out of control, also it ensures that no further complications develop in the
future. Remember with normal shingles, the symptoms dip once the rashes heal, however, the pain, itching,
and burning sensation remain for months. 

Healthy eating is essential to fight this virus, you need to eat food that is low on arginine amino acids and is
high in lysine amino acid. Arginine amino acid can be used by the virus to reproduce in your body while
lysine amino acid prevents the effect.

Some foods that you need to avoid 

  • Soy 
  • Gelatin 
  • Grains Nuts or seeds 
  • Dark Chocolate 
  • Caffeine 
  • Alcohol is dangerous 
  • Supplements used for muscle building
Food that you should eat 


  • Poultry 
  • Meat 
  • Cheese (consult the doctor) 
  • Fruits like apple, pears, and mangoes 
  • Fish

How is it Treated Normally?

There is no cure however, timely treatment will certainly help to reduce the duration of the ailment and
minimize the complications. Doctors normally prescribe anti-viral drugs for the treatment, but these drugs
bring in a huge list of side effects like vomiting, dizziness, muscle pain, depression, nausea, impaired
eyesight, diarrhea, and stomach pain. Some doctors give numbing agents, pain killers, local anesthesia, and
steroids at times to take care of the unbearable pain that is associated with shingles. 

This disease normally stays from two weeks to six weeks if proper treatment is provided, it is common to get this disease once however getting it more than once cannot be ruled out. The most important aspect of this disease is pain management, and as per new studies, CDB Oil can help fight the pain. So does CBD Oil help in reality? Continue reading to figure it out.

Why Should You Use CBD Oil?

To help you understand the benefits of this oil, we need to understand a little about the human nervous
system, numerous receptors scatter throughout our body that maintains our internal stability irrespective of
the external environment like heat, pressure, experience to pain, etc. The cannabinoids present in CDB
activates these receptors, this helps in triggering responses from the body that suppresses the pain or
inflammation that comes with shingles.

Medicines will likely give you side effects and if the case is severe, the pain inflicted by shingles can be excruciating but do not fear, you can opt for CBD Oil. It is the “in-thing” today, it is used for almost everything be it anxiety or to reduce pain, people are also using it to negate the side-effects that come with other shingles medications. Researchers say that Cannabidiol, popularly known as CDB contains a unique ingredient that comes cannabis plant, this non-psychoactive element helps in suppressing anxiety, depression, nerve pain, and even skin cancer. There is initial evidence that it helps in treating shingles. 

Is CBD Oil Effective to Treat the Shingles Pain?

For many patients, unbearable pain is the main side effect of this virus. CDB can help by enhancing a substance in the human body called anandamide (it is an essential omega-6 acid in the body). This substance blends with the CB1 receptors (cannabinoid receptor, part of the central nervous system of the human body) in the system and helps to control the body’s adaptability and sensitivity for pain. In general, these receptors target pain that is associated with inflammation of the neural system. Extensive researches have been done to understand the correlation of CBD with pain management, it has been found that CBD can provide a generous alternative to any prescribed painkillers. Painkillers come with the risk of getting habituated to them, so people tend to look for alternatives to skip the associated risk. CBD becomes the correct solution for such treatments.


Is CBD Oil Effective to Treat the Shingles Inflammation?

Painful rashes red in color are the typical characteristics of the cause of shingles through skin inflammation.
This is another symptom where CBD is a winner when it comes to treating the condition. The cannabinoid
component found in CBD binds with the CB2 receptors of the human body and helps in regulating the
body’s response to inflammation, it is very effective if you apply it directly over the rash. It helps in
weakening the severity and the duration of the symptoms. 

This can simply be backtracked to the effect CBD has on our nervous system since it plays an important role in sensing inflammation and regulating it through our immune system, it would be fair to say CBD Oil is a perfect solution. 

What is the Right Quantity of CBD Oil required?

The research done above makes it an interesting case for CBD Oil as a plan of shingles treatment, so what is
the correct way to put CBD to use? Some people may choose to ingest it as CBD Oil or as pills to treat the
pain. So if any of these options have got your interest, you can do some permutation and combination to
figure out the right serving quantity for yourself. There is no defined quantity of usage, however, it is
recommended you start with small portions and gradually increase the intake till you achieve the desired
outcome. Some patients have found relief with 20mg to 25 mg of usage, alternatively, you may choose to try
1mg to 6mg / 10 pounds of the bodyweight to start with.

Another option is to use is ti try a topical CBD based cream to treat shingles, this cream can provide instant relief that is targeted to a particular section of the body, it is helpful to reduce the redness and the swelling that comes with the rash. Remember to clean the skin and dry it before you use the cream. Experts recommend massaging the cream into the skin helps in faster and deeper absorption. 

Some Side Effects no one will tell

Though CBD Oil is the best treatment option available as it does not get you “high” or habituated like the other medications. It has a few limitations, it is not regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Association) there are chances you may feel fatigued or difference in your appetite at times. 

The Verdict

People have been using CDB Oil to treat shingles and many other ailments simply because of its properties, however, only in time will know if it helps in treating shingles or it betters the symptoms and boosts the immune system of human body.

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