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How to use CBD Oil ?

Do you know how to use CBD oil? First we should know more about what exactly CBD oil is, and what it
does. So CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is a chemical compound extracted from the cannabis plant, one
of more than 100 chemicals found in cannabis. Cannabis contains a chemical (CBD) that impacts our brain
by encouraging it to produce more cannabinoids, which has a natural anti-inflammatory and is produced
naturally by our brain. By producing more of cannabinoids our brain can assess and get to inflammation and
pain more quickly and effectively.

Another benefit that CBD has in our health is the reduction of the feeling of anxiety and depression by
changing the way our brain responds to serotonin, which is a chemical in our brain that is linked to mental
health. One other thing that CBD can do in our brain is to cause neurogenesis, which is the term for the
creation of new brain cells, sounds amazing, right? CBD can also provide the potential to ease cancer related
symptoms by reducing inflammation and change the way our cells reproduce, there are claims that CBD oil
can prevent cancer cells from growing but there isn’t enough research in the subject just yet to confirm that.
There are so many more other health benefits that CBD can provide, but the most recognisable health benefit
from the use of CBD is probably the potential to reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures.

When CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant as a powder or oil, those can then be added to different
things so they can be absorbed into our body in different ways. How you should take it, will of course
depend on why are you taking it. You can choose to ingest it orally by taking it in a form of a capsule or
editable CBD products. You can also absorb it by the direct application onto your skin, Another way you can
take CBD oil is by putting it directly into your mouth, by placing a few drops of it under you tongue. And of
course you can also take it through inhalation by vaping or smoking it. 

So how to choose which way is best for you? Different approaches will have different amount of times it
will need to be absorbed in order to achieve long-lasting effects, but when it comes to the long-lasting effects
that will of course depend of how your body will ingest it and how fast it will eliminate it. 

Here are some of the ways you can absorb CBD oil: 

Smoking & Vaping

Smoking will allow the CBD oil to be absorbed by your body more rapidly, because by inhaling it the CBD will be absorbed directly into your bloodstream through your lungs. This will be one of the most quickest approaches, and studies confirm that you will absorb something between 34 to 56 percent of CBD oil But you should keep in mind that although inhalation is the fastest and best way to absorb CBD, it’s also one of the least long-lasting effects, because your body will eliminate it faster. One technique that might help you to get even more CBD with inhalation is to not just inhale CBD but inhale 50% of CBD and 50% of fresh air, this will help you to get more absorption and when you do this you will notice less smoke being exhaled. This technique will not only help you to get a better consumption of the CBD oil but can also decrease that harsh feeling that you get after smoking. You should consider that by smoking it, it might be harsher on your lungs and throat and of course you might be more likely to be exposed to carcinogens. 

So you should definitely explore your options before deciding to take CBD by inhalation. Vaping might be a better alternative than smoking, some researches also suggest that vaping is safer than smoking. Basically you will still consume the most CBD oil in the quickest way, but without that harsh feeling in your throat and lungs. You would need a vaporizer pen if you choose to consume CBD this way. If you aren’t familiar with vaping, there are vape starter kits available that might help you. But you should avoid buying cheap vape pens, one vape pen that is worth watching for is the pens with ceramic heating elements.

Cream & Lotions

If it’s a skin problem or pain, applying the CBD directly onto your skin would be the best option when you are experiencing pain in a localized area, as well as some swelling or skin problems. By applying CBD oil this way, very little or none will be entering the bloodstream. For that reason some people do combine this kind of application with other CBD products by inhaling or consuming it. There are options out there that offer CBD infused creams, those are a great way to apply CBD oil directly onto your skin to treat localized pain or even skin problems such as eczema or acne. CBD oil is also a great way to help people with arthritis, when applied directly to the skin, CBD will reduce joint swelling and pain. Although the application of CBD oil by skin has the mildest effect compared to other consuming methods, such as inhaling or eating products with CBD oil, the effects are quite quickly and it is really easy to apply. You would probably have to consider a product with the highest amount of CBD.


You can find a big variety of CBD edibles out there. You will probably find them in gummies, cookies and of course in brownies. Choosing to take CBD by this way, you will face the “first pass effect” which is basically the term used to explain when CBD is consumed this way, your liver and digestive tract will partially break down the CBD, which means that it will take the longest to be absorbed and you will only retain something like 20 to 30 percent of the CBD oil. Because of the slower absorbing effect of the CBD oil by using your digestive tract, you should avoid taking big quantities at once. As the effect is slower you might accidently eat too much, so you should wait and see the effects before taking any more. Please note that it might take something between 2 to 4 hours for the CBD to take effect. You should know that although using this method to absorb CBD takes longer to see any effects, this method is the longest-lasting of all the CBD consumption options. As a lot of the edible options contain sugar and preservatives, you might want to check labels and avoid the products that also contain additives. Apart from the already made CBD products, you can also find pre made ones such as pasta. But of course please be mindful of how much you ingest at once.


You can take CBD oil by applying the oil directly under your tongue. By choosing this method, CBD will be directly absorbed by your bloodstream thanks to your capillary rich areas that are localised underneath your tongue as well as in your gums and cheeks. This approach is probably the more long-lasting way to absorb CBD, yet it is slower when compared to inhaling but it is also quicker when compared to ingesting with your food because you will avoid the “first pass effect”. You can take CBD oil by placing a few drops under your tongue with the help of the little dropper that already comes with it. After applying it, you should wait around 90 seconds before swallowing it. You can increase the absorption of the CBD by swishing the oils around your mouth making sure to get between your gums and the inside of your cheeks just like as if it was mouthwash, before proceeding to swallow it. By doing this you will definitely be increasing the contact with your capillaries that are located in your gums and your cheeks. Chewing also increases the blood flow in your mouth so taking the oil after a meal will also help with the increase of absorption of the CBD oil. This method has been linked to providing you with a feeling of well being, so might be the right approach if you are taking it to feel healthier, or of course if you have depression or the feeling of anxiety.

Anal & Vaginal Suppositories

There are two types of CBD infused oil suppositories, one that is specific for anal use and the other one that is for vaginal. But let’s talk about the back door, shall we? Suppositories will have the same effect as a CBD infused cream would, it helps with inflammation. Usually suppositories are made with infused CBD oils, by using it through anal insertion, the CBD might activate the cannabinoid receptors that are are located in your anal area, and help you with local inflammations and even perhaps support with the healing of haemorrhoids. Even though we have a vast of veins circulating in our rectal area whether or not you will absorb CBD into your bloodstream with this method varies. When it comes to vaginal, the CBD infused suppositories will help with any pain or inflammation. The time the suppositories take to work varies, for rectal administration, the effects can take between 15 to 30 minutes, while with the vaginal ones it can take something between 30 to 60 minutes. But be aware that on the vaginal administration the effect time will always depend on your age and your levels of vaginal PH, also if you happen to be on your menstrual cycle that will also have an effect of how long it will take to start to take effect.

Vaginal Creams & Lube

CBD can improve a women’s health tremendously, the benefits of CBD for a women’s health is so incredibly vast, it can help you from dryness and pain, to improve your sexual life and even to help you easing the pain during those awful menstrual days. Women have cannabinoid receptors in the uterus, ovaries, vulva and in the vagina. All of those receptors play a huge part on a woman’s reproductive tract as well as their pleasure in the bedroom. CBD lube can increase the sensations down there which will of course increase your pleasure, not only that but the CBD lube will also help if you are experiencing any kind of pain during intercourse. The reason for that is because the CBD oil will increase your blood flow and help you with any pain or dryness that you might be experiencing.

CBD & Women's Health

CBD can help to alleviate a lot of health conditions especially for women. Women’s body is unique and
CBD can definitely help with that. If you are suffering from hormonal imbalance then CBD can improve that
by helping to balance the production of the stress causing hormone, called the cortisol. When it comes to the
menstrual cramps, CBD oil can decrease inflammation so its powers will ease the discomfort that your
menstrual cycle might cause. Also during the menstrual cycle your stress levels can be out of the scale, so
anxiety and depression will be a concern, and we know that CBD can also help with that. You can try out
which methods work for you, but a big amount of women who choose to use CBD to help with their health
uses it on a daily basis and one of the most used methods is to simply place a few drop of oil under your
tongue, just like we mentioned above.

CBD is still early on its research process, but we can’t deny the amazing positive effects of its consumption. Whether you are in pain or going through a not so healthy phase and want to try alternative medicines, CBD oil is the perfect alternative. It will alleviate pain and reduce inflammation. The results are clear, you just have to find which method works best for you. There is still a lot of research to be done, and you will be the best judge when it comes to which methods work the best for you.

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