7 Health Benefits Of CBD Oil In 2020

7 Health Benefits of CBD Oil in 2020

While the use of cannabis might have been around since a millennia mainly because of its medicinal and
healing qualities, the broad spectrum of CBD oil recently began getting all the recognition that it has
deserved. This is due until 2014, the hemp wasn’t allowed to be sold or grown in the U.S. for consuming
because of the botanical resemblance to marijuana.

In fact, the plant hemp Is associated with the same compounds known as the cannabinoids, along with
antioxidant flavonoids and terpenes (with only a vital difference).

Nowadays cannabinoids present in the hemp become featured in different scientific studies and these make
on newsstands headlines with breaking news on air (CNN, CBS News) to get promising health related

Still quite some confusion is present regarding cannabis plants. And also, here is what you have to know
about the hemp along with other benefits that are experienced. 

Lately among many other things, the topic of discussion that has generated a great hype is the CBD oil. The
hype continually grows as you might become curious about the benefits associated with this oil. Although
recreational use of medical marijuana still seems to be an emotionally and politically triggering topic, there
is plenty of research in showing that there are various benefits associated with the CBD oil. A lot of people
worldwide are now taking note as no evidence lies there in backing up about the claims of benefits
associated with it. 

1. Helps in reduction of depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety and common disorders of the brain that bring devastating impact on the well-being
and health of the individual. World Health Organization states depression as the single largest contribution
to the disability across worldwide, while various types of anxiety related disorders have been ranked as sixth.

The depression and anxiety are typically treated through the pharmaceutical drugs leading to various side
effects like insomnia, drowsiness, sexual dysfunction, headaches and agitation.

More to that the medications such as benzodiazepines are addictive and result in substance abuse. CBD oil
and other CBD compounds have been shown as promising treatments for both anxiety and depression while
leading many people living with such disorders to remain interested in the natural approach. 

A Brazilian study was conducted with 57 men receiving either oral form of CBD or placebo 90 minutes prior
to they underwent simulated speaking tests. The researchers also found that 300-mg CBD dose was quite
efficient at significant reduction of anxiety at the time of test. 

The given placebo was 150-mg CBD dose with 600-mg CBD doses without any effect on the anxiety. 

The CBD oil is been used for safely treating the anxiety and insomnia in children having going through posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Also, in different animal studies, the CBD showed effects similar to antidepressant. 

A study was conducted involving animal models, healthy volunteers and evidence showing that cannabis has
anxiolytic life effects in considerably reducing anxiety and also for helping in dealing with the depression.
This is also especially quite good for patients with issues like social anxiety disorder. As it also helps the
patients in dealing with disorders or panic, the post-traumatic stress disorders along with various mental
disorders that leads to impaired functioning ability. 

There was a study in the year 2011, that showed the oil was quite helpful to deal with social anxiety only
within few hours of taking this. With the oil discomfort and anxiety gets reduced largely that would arise at
the time of public speech. The final outcomes of the study suggested that the heightened alertness while
anticipation of the speech significantly decreased. 

All these qualities of CBD are connected to its capability for acting as the receptor of the brain for serotonin, neurotransmitter regulating the social behavior and mood. 

2. This helps in Alleviating any Cancer Related Symptoms

Cancer treatment is typically available with major side effects including nausea and pain. The studies
conducted on the THC and CBD compounds resulted in showing that the people who were under the
treatment of using the extract that contained both the compounds had a significant amount of pain reduction.
Extract that contained THC and CBD was quite effective when only comparing to extract made up only of
THC. Although there are various drugs meant for dealing with cancer treatment side effects, all these are
quite ineffective in a few cases. Due to which it is quite imperative to go for an alternative like the CBD oil.

Besides showing quite good outcomes in fighting side effects associated with cancer, the preliminary stage
evidence suggested that the CBD oil was quite effective in fighting spreading of the cancerous cells.
According to a study in the year 2006, CBD oil was shown for inhibiting breast tumor growth cells in a
selective manner. While examining cells that were non-cancerous, the outcomes also revealed that oil also
had reduction in potency on them when compared with the cancerous ones. 

The use of CBD also helps in significant reduction of chemotherapy-induced vomiting and nausea, which
are among various common side effects of chemotherapy for people with cancer. 

Although drugs are there for helping the ones with distressing symptoms, sometimes all of these are quite
ineffective, leading a few people for looking out for alternatives.

A 16 people study held undergoing the chemotherapy also found that one-to-one THC and CBD
combination administered through mouth spray led to reduction of chemotherapy related vomiting and
nausea much better than only the standard form of treatment. 

CBD oil is known for being non-toxic even when it showed noting after all tests were lab conducted. Thus,
in future, the use for prolonged cancer treatment can be a possibility with CBD. However, it should be worth
noting that all tests were in labs. Also, they show only potential that they would have for humans. 

Also, there are several animal and test-tube studies showing that the CBD has anticancer properties along
with other health benefits. For example, a test-tube study also found that the concentrated CBD induced
death of cells was in cells of breast cancer. 

Another study was held showing that the CBD inhibited spread of the aggressive kind of breast cancer
causing cells in the mice. 

However, all these are only animal and test-tube studies, so they are only able to suggest what works with people. A lot of other human studies are also required before any conclusions are made. 

3. Woman Holding Mirror

The skin condition acne is one common issue afflicting around 9% of the whole population. This mainly
occurs because of factors that include sebum overproduction, bacteria and genetics. Treating the acne
through laser therapy remains among the commonly used options. However, treatment through the CBD oil
can be a good and cheaper alternative.

A study suggested that the oil prevented cells present in sebum glands to produce a lot of sebum, which is
the main reason for acne. Also, the study found out that oil is present with the anti-inflammatory properties,
preventing production of agents that lead to acne. 

Thus, so far, the human studies done on treatment of acne with the help of CBD oil shows quite promising outcomes.

4. Can Lower the Chances of getting Diabetes

In a study that was conducted in the year 2006, there were outcomes revealing that CBD oil results in lower
incidence of diabetes by considerable percentage. The study had thin and healthy mice, and the incidence of
diabetes went from the 86% to only 30 percent through the use of CBD. Also, various studies show that oil
helps in reduction of plasma levels of the pro-inflammatory cytokine. This is after histological examination,
the outcome also showed mice taking oil significantly lowered insulitis levels.

Another study was conducted in the year 2013, where the scientists examined what impact the marijuana had
on insulin and resistance to insulin. The outcomes indicated that the ones using marijuana, had fasting levels
of insulin with 16 percent low

Besides that, people using marijuana had smaller circumference waist according to outcomes. The waist circumference remains to be either of the factors that are linked to diabetes onset. 

5. Relief from Pain

The benefits of CBD oil medically are quite great and among them the best one is relief from pain. As this is
among the main reasons due to which the people are laying a lot more emphasis on the oil. There is plenty of
evidence for suggesting that with the help of high-quality CBD oil you get neural pain transmission.

Thus, due to this the person can simply relax without requiring large pain medication amounts. According to
a study conducted on the rodents it was found that it provides relief in pain without causing any analgesic
tolerance. The oil becomes a useful therapeutic compound to help the ones with chronic pain of coping.
According to an analysis that was conducted in the year 2007 in Canada it was found that the CBD was quite
effective to provide relief from pain
to patients going through multiple sclerosis. 

The use of marijuana dates back to 2900 B.C. for treatment of pain. The recent research by scientists
indicates that various marijuana components such as CBD are responsible for the effects of pain relief. 

Human body has a specialized system known as endocannabinoid system (ECS), that has been involved in
regulation of various functions like appetite, sleep, immune response, pain, etc. 

Our body produces these endocannabinoids that are the neurotransmitters binding to the cannabinoid
receptors present in our nervous system. 

According to various studies, the CBD reduces chronic pain after impacting the activity of endocannabinoid
receptor which leads to reduction in inflammation and also interacts with the neurotransmitters. 

A study was conducted with 47 people having multiple sclerosis for examining the effects produced from
consuming Sativex for a month. The study participants experienced improvements in the walking, pain along
with muscle spasms. However, the study didn’t have control groups and also no placebo effects were ruled

A lot of people can still use cannabis for treating pain in the US. Thus, this is the reason as to why a lot of states don’t approve using medical cannabis. In a lot of studies, results indicate that the ones using opioids with CBD oil simultaneously reduce the number of pills that are required to be taken with time. For the ones wanting to have pain relief without any psychoactive marijuana effects, the oil can also be a fine alternative. 

6. CBD has Neuroprotective Properties

According to a lot of researchers, the CBD helps in dealing with common neurological disorders such as
multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. While the research still remains to be in its early stages, these are quite
promising. For instance, one study stated that the Sativex, the spray that consists of THC and CBD mixture,
was found as a reliable and safe method to minimize muscle spasticity in the people having multiple

Oral spray was also quite efficient that reduced the spasticity in about 7% of people in a study. This
compound has worked well for reduction in muscle spasticity mainly for people having multiple sclerosis. 

According to a study it was found out that the Sativex also led to reduced spams in around 75% of the 276
people having multiple sclerosis in people who experienced the muscle spasticity resistant to the

According to another study 214 people who had severe epilepsy were provided with 0.9 to 2.3 grams CBD
oil for one pound (2-5 g/kg) of their total bodyweight. Total amount of reduction in seizures was quite
notable with a 36.5% median. 

There was another study indicating that the CBD oil led significantly to reduction of seizure related activity
in kids having Dravet syndrome compared to any placebo. This is a complex type of childhood epilepsy

However, it is vital to know that various people included in both the studies had noticed adverse reactions
related to the CBD treatment, like fever, convulsions and fatigue

Additionally, the CBD is continuously researched due to its potential efficiency to treat various other types
of neurological disorders as well.

For example, there are studies showing that applying CBD oil treatment improves the quality of sleep and
life for sufferers of Parkinson’s disease. 

Additionally, there have been test tubes and animal studies showing that the CBD decreases inflammation
and also prevents neurodegeneration related to Alzheimer’s disease

In a study conducted for long term, the researchers also gave the CBD compound to mice that were
predisposed genetically to Alzheimer’s disease, while finding that it was helpful in preventing any cognitive

Even though only limited amount of information is present currently, the CBD proves to ease the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy. It was also noted that the CBD showed to minimize progression of the Alzheimer’s illness in the animal and test-tube studies.

7. Can Lead to Better Heart Health

According to recent research it is linked that the CBD has various circulatory systems and heart benefits like
ability to lower down high blood pressure.
With high blood pressure higher risks are there for various health conditions like heart attack and metabolic
Various studies have indicated that the CBD would be helpful for normalizing the elevated blood pressure.

There was one such recent study where nine men in healthy state were treated with a 600 mg CBD oil dose
and it was found that the dose led to significant reduction in the resting blood pressure when compared to

Same study also provided men stress tests for normally increasing the blood pressure. Fascinatingly, single
CBD dose led men for experience small blood pressure increasing a lot more than normal because of all
these tests. 

According to various researchers it is suggested that anxiety and stress reducing CBD properties are because
of their ability for helping significantly lower down the blood pressure. 

In addition, there have been various animal studies demonstrating that the CBD leads to reduction in
inflammation and death of cells associated with the heart disease because of it being as a powerful
antioxidant along with properties for stress-reduction. 

For example, a study conducted found that the treatment with CBD led to reduction in oxidative stress and it
also prevented damage to the heart in the diabetic mic going through heart diseases. 

Although a lot of other human studies are also required, the CBD may prove beneficial for the health of the
in different ways, including after reducing the blood pressure count and in turn preventing any damage
to heart by higher blood pressure. 

The CBD oil still remains to be a topic of immersive research and has been researched a lot because of its
prospective role in bringing down symptoms of different common medically related issues like depression,
anxiety, heart disease and acne. 

For people with cancer, this would also provide a natural alternative to get symptom and pain relief. Still a
lot of research is ongoing on the prospective health related benefits of the CBD, so the newest therapeutic
uses of the natural remedy has yet to be discovered. 

Although a lot is required to learn about safety and efficacy of the CBD, a lot of outcomes from different
studies have suggested that CBD provides powerful, safe and natural treatment meant for a variety of health

If you wish to self-treat yourself with CBD compounds, you can find a lot of CBD products online such as oils, lotions and gummies. 

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