How To Store CBD Oil And Why

How to store CBD Oil and why?

CBD is gradually becoming legal and mainstream and because it is a product that is new to most people it is important to learn how to store it correctly. CBD Oil is usually taken orally by holding the oil under your tongue for as long as you can and then swallowing it. It can have a slightly bitter taste, so if you are taking it eat something sweet first.

CBD OIL Storage

In my Country Medicinal cannabis will be available from chemists without a prescription from early next
year so storage of CBD oil will be something that the public will want to know about. Under the proposal
chemists could supply up to 60 mg a day over the counter to the consumer. The oil will not need to be stored
in a refrigerator
, as you will want to keep the properties contained in the oil intact, but should be kept in
dark, cool conditions to prevent it from deteriorating. Storing in a refrigerator would cause the oil to become
thick, so put it into a dark cool cupboard instead.

Like most products it is easy to assume that CBD oil will probably have a use by date on it. This date is only
a guide as the product does not become toxic or dangerous although it does degrade over time. 

Some articles are advising that if you buy CBD oil in bulk it can be frozen, but it should first be placed in a freezer bag. Defrost it gradually to avoid sudden changes of temperature which is what destabilizes the oil. There is a lot of interest in CBD Oil as people are now finding that it helps with so many different symptoms and as it has no potential for dependence and produces no euphoria it seems perfectly sensible for the public to be able to purchase the product.

CBD Oil Safe Storage

You would not want your CBD Oil to become rancid and degenerate as this can happen to some oils. Do not
refrigerate as this will cause crystallization to occur. It actually has a shelf life of around 14 to 15 months
when stored correctly in your pantry or cupboard. Never leave CBD Oil in the sun or in a hot place as this
will cause it to deteriorate. Proper storage of your CBD Oil will preserve the strength and flavour it should
not be stored in plastic bottles, as the plastics will break down over time, and the oil will eat away the
plastic. We also do not want something we are going to ingest in contact with plastic. So bottles should be
glass, but not clear glass as the UV light can penetrate the bottle causing the contents to deteriorate and
become ruined. Use a coloured glass instead, and store upright as this will help to protect the quality of your
CBD Oil. The more plant material contained in the oil the shorter the period of time it can be stored.

CBD Oil and tinctures come packaged in glass vials, the glass may be dark to prevent light exposure, a
dropper is included for dose size and this also helps to keep the inside of the vial clean. It is important that
the vial does not become contaminated. You would not keep your CBD Oil for longer than two years, as by
this time the product would become unstable and may even begin to smell bad. 

What is CBD OIL

CBD oil is extracted from a cannabis plant material, the extraction process involves the use of carbon
dioxide and steam distillation. Once it is extracted it is necessary to add a carrier oil either coconut or
grapeseed oil are commonly used. It would appear to treat a wide range of ailments, most of which are not
yet backed by scientific evidence.

Many older people believe that CBD is a useful antioxidant and are breaking the law by taking home made
remedies, they say that it visibly reduces wrinkles and gives a better skin tone. It is now being trialed
(legally) with dementia patients, this is being carried out by Notre Dame University Fremantle in
conjunction with MGC Pharmaceuticals an Israel- based company. They are monitoring behavioural changes
and this is extremely interesting as it does seems to modify some of the symptoms of dementia and this can
only be a good thing, participants receive an oral dose of oil via a metered spray which is modified as the
trial progresses. The trial (15 months) is in the early stages and has another 11 months to run.

One of the problems it is commonly used to treat is inflammatory pain and it could be helpful for people
suffering from arthritis, just rub in the CBD oil and give it a try. One of the main areas of research being
undertaken at present is the neuroprotective effect of CBD. Given the amazing results being achieved it is
surprising that it has not yet been approved by the FDA, but it is legal in some states of the USA.

CBD Oil is also being used to treat pain in dogs and also to control seizures suffered ( much the same as in
human care). 

You can carry up to 30 grams of dried cannabis in public or grow up to four plants in your own home. As
long as this is just for your personal use and not a commercial venture you may soon be able to distil your
own CBD Oil.

As countries decriminalize cannabis products the demand will continue to grow and it will be used
increasingly in healthcare. The CBD Oil market in 2020 says that the top players are North America, Latin
America and Asia Pacific and with growth trending there will be more possibilities in the future
especially with ever expanding Health industries. 


CBD oil is such an interesting topic that everyone wants to hear more about, and most people seem to have a medical complaint or condition that they feel would be helped by trialing a small dose of CBD Oil so it is important that it is stored correctly.

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