CBD and Eliquis

CBD and Eliquis

Are you considering having CBD and Eliquis both at the same time? If so, then you need to consider some
really important things before using CBD. In this article, we are going to discuss everything that you need to
know about CBD and Eliquis. 

Basically, there is a medication known as apixaban and Eliquis is its brand name. This is a kind of blood thinner medication that is used to prevent stroke, heart attack pulmonary embolism, and such conditions. The patients who take this medication may want to take CBD along with it for other health problems, but they should consider a few things and about the interactions between CBD and Eliquis.

Can you take CBD and Eliquis together?

When you take Eliquis and CBD together, this escalates the blood sugar levels of eliquis, but we are not quite sure about it. Moreover, by now no one tested the interactions of intake of both these drugs. Nevertheless, some indirect research depicts that there can be some interaction between both. The human body crumbles Eliquis mainly with the help of P-GP and CYP3A4 enzymes. Some studies show that CBD can hinder both P-GP and CYP3A4 in humans. The reason being that these enzymes separate the Eliquis from the human body, that is why taking CBD simultaneously will escalate the level of Eliquis in the blood.

Furthermore, this interaction of CBD and Eliquis can lead to dangerous Eliquis levels in the blood. And this
increased level of eliquis in a human body can lead to excessive bleeding in the spine, brain, joints, eye,
abdomen, or in the pericardium.

Dissimilar to other blood thinners or anticoagulants, there is no convenient way to alter the increased Eliquis
level in the body. There is a drug known as Andexanet Alfa, it can alter the overdose of Eliquis but there is a
problem that it’s way too expensive and only available in the hospitals. 

So, don’t ever take CBD along with Eliquis without considering its effects. As well as, do not take it without consulting the doctor because the consequences of it are way too high.

Why is taking both of these drugs Eliquis and CBD together riskier?

Intake of Eliquis along with CBD can be a hell lot risky, the reason being the interaction of CBD with the liver enzymes. These liver enzymes break down Eliquis and many such medications. But they do this, what is the process? Lets now know how CBD affects Eliquis and what exactly is the process. 

What do we mean by the First Pass Effect?

Eliquis enters the human body through the mouth, before going deep down in the body, at first, it enters the
stomach. Nonetheless, it passes across the liver through the portal vein called hepatic and after that, it enters
the bloodstream. The liver enzymes start crumbling the Eliquis, which is the human body’s natural defense
against all the poisons. 

During passing via the liver, Eliquis totally breaks down into the dormant metabolites. Generally, only a tiny
fraction of the Eliquis mixes up in the bloodstream.

This whole process is known as the First Pass Effect. When a person takes it through the mouth, then almost
50 % of it remains in the blood.

Furthermore, the basic enzymes that are responsible for crumbling down Eliquis and other drugs that enter the liver are called cytochromes P450 or CYP. Basically, they are found in various different types of organisms and over 50,000 are identified by now. There are various kinds of CYPs in the liver, and they break down different medications. Almost 60% and even more, of such medications are triggered by these P450 enzymes. Primarily, eliquis breaks down by the P-GP and CYP3A4 enzymes

P450 Enzymes and Grapefruit

When you take Eliquis you cannot take Grapefruit, it is strictly not recommended. The reason behind this is,
grapefruits hinder P450 or CYP3A4 enzymes. This means more of these enzymes would enter your body
than it would have entered before. Also, CBD does exactly the same thing. 

Most importantly, Eliquis comes with a warning that you should not take grapefruit in any way if you are taking this medication. 

What is so common between CBD and Grapefruit?

Some cannabinoids also prohibit P450 enzymes, just similar to grapefruit. Most specifically, the CBD
prohibits the actions of certain enzymes like CYP3A.

That means we must consider CBD too if any drug or medication that contains the warning labels about its
interaction with grapefruit.

Moreover, the research on CBD is still unclear. Drugs such as Eliquis may also lack some significant labels
about interactions. The reason behind not labeling can be the cluelessness of the doctors about the same. 

In such cases, it is totally upon the one who is taking the medication to be properly informed. Consult the doctors and research properly before their intake. 

Can you take a Medication that contains Grapefruit and CBD Warning?

Subjectively, yes, you can consume a medication with grapefruit and CBD warning. Nonetheless, you
should take it with full caution and under the supervision and consultation of a doctor. Moreover, there are
many doctors who are not familiar with the effects of CBD and CBD as well.

Most likely, to make sure that you are in the therapeutic ranges, you must get your routine blood check to check the blood serum levels. Keep in mind that routine blood tests are expensive and are not easily available. Besides, your doctor will definitely ask you to stop the consumption of CBD and change it to any other drug that requires warfarin. 


So now, we are at the end of this article. Hopefully, by now you must be aware of all the side effects of CBD
and Eliquis.

Moreover, CBD is a brilliant and real compound that is a hell lot beneficial for some of the health problems. 

Nonetheless, everything has two sides and so does CBD. Apart from its healing sides, it also has some
harmful sides. It has some other effects on the body that must be properly considered before consuming it.

That’s why you must consult your doctor before taking any such medication.

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