CBD for Menstrual Cramps

CBD for Menstrual Cramps

Does your world crumble at the time of menstruation? Do you feel that excruciating pain in your belly? Do
you fear cramps and lie in your bed all day holding your belly? If so, then worry not, almost 90% of people
go through the same. 

But that doesn’t mean you need to bear the pain, no! That is why we are here to help you out. You surely
wish to get relief from these deadly cramps. In this article, we are going to discuss menstrual cramps and
their treatment.

Moreover, those days are no less than a horror show. From mood swings to food cravings and cramps, girls
like us go through this every month. Even after trying out everything, there’s no end to that pain. It just
pains, pains, and pains making you irritated and frustrated. But there are various kinds of medications
available in the market to treat menstrual cramps. But what among them is most effective? Which
tablet/medications can provide you total relief? One such relief provider is CBD

But what is CBD? How does it help in menstrual cramps? How does it work? How do we take it? You must have all such questions in your mind. So, don’t bother yourself! We are going to discuss everything. 

What is the reason behind Menstrual Cramps?

A few weeks or a few days before the menstruation cycle begins, the level of estrogen in a female body
increases, and the tissues start building up in the uterus. After that, menstruation starts and the uterus shrinks
to assist in throwing out it’s lining. 

There are some substances just like hormones, they are called prostaglandins. These prostaglandins trigger
the muscles of the uterus, which are important for the uterus contractions that happen at the time of labor. 

Also, they assist in giving the inflammatory signals and compressing the blood vessels around the uterus to give birth. Prostaglandins or PGF2a that generates in the body of a woman during menstruation can have these effects:


Various prostaglandins provoke inflammation, which causes deadly pain in the female body.

Pain sensitization

Prostaglandins and other such compounds can make the pain prone never more sensitive, as a result, a woman suffers from more pain.


These hormones lead to the contraction of blood vessels, restraining the flow of blood to the endometrial tissues.

Uterine contractions

Those women who have high levels of prostaglandin in their body, suffer more. Hence, their periods are more painful in comparison to other women. Even the doctors now say that this pain is much similar to the pain of a heart attack.

Heavy bleeding

Due to the excessive inflammation, some women have to go through heavy bleeding, which multiplies the damage of tissues. Besides, people who bleed heavily during their periods have a high level of prostaglandin enzyme.


Along with the contraction of the uterus, prostaglandin hormones also provoke the
contractions of the smooth muscles in the digestive system. This can lead to diarrhea.


Unfortunately, every girl has to bear this monthly suffering. The more the level of prostaglandins, the more painful will be menstrual cramps. Cramps are not only painful, but they disturb everything, from personal life to the professional. But there’s a solution to every problem.

CBD for treating Menstrual Cramps

At present, CBD is not approved by the FDA for treating the pain, PMS, inflammation, and menstrual
cramps. But according to some research, CBD or Cannabinoids have the potential to lessen and reduce the
pain caused by cramps. 

Basically, it is obtained from the hemp plant and it can provide so many calming benefits without giving you a psychoactive effect. What CBD does is, it regulates all the areas where cramps affect such as the digestive system and the skin as well.

How does CBD work?

CBD enters directly into the bloodstream and stimulates the balance during the menstrual cycles. Moreover,
every woman has a different body and that is the reason every other medication affects the people
differently. So, the best option is to start with a few drops of CBD and then gradually increase it as it starts
affecting you positively. 

Moreover, you can also start taking doses of CBD a few days before your menstruation cycle begins. This
way, your bloating and cramping will reduce before it begins. 

In addition to this, the ECS plays an important role in controlling the anxiety and stress, so you can combine CBD along with ECS to reduce the mood swings.

How can you get the optimum benefits from CBD oil for menstruation?

Here comes that time again, the time to fall sick and drowsy, time to cancel all the plans, time to stay in bed
with a hot water bag in one hand and tablets in the other, the time to bear deadly pain from cramps. 

If this is your monthly routine, then believe us, you are not the only one. Almost 90% of women go through
this pain
. The medical term for this kind of pain is ‘Dysmenorrhea’, this can utterly disgust you and disturb
your routine life. 

But Cannabinoids help in treating such kinds of pain, they reduce the pain caused by cramps. Many women suggested using CBD for treating painful cramps. 

What are the benefits of Cannabinoid?

You can lessen your inflammation, cramps, and pain by reducing the levels of prostaglandin at the time of
your period. Nonetheless, totally eliminating the prostaglandins is not possible.

This means that you can take benefit by combining a prostaglandin eliminating treatment with other such
treatments that assist in reducing the discomfort caused by prostaglandins.

CBD and other cannabinoids also help in treating deadly menstrual cramps in the following ways: 


CBD or Cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory properties. They help in reducing the generation of various prostaglandins that lead to inflammation. For example, THC enables the Cannabinoid receptors that are located in the killer cells of the immune system. When these CBD receptors activate, they stop the release of these proteins that cause inflammation. 


Prostaglandins and other such molecules that cause inflammation make the pain prone nerves sensitive. What cannabinoids do is, they desensitize the sensitive nerves. Not only CBD desensitizes the nerves but it also gives a soothing effect.


CBD or Cannabinoids relaxes the muscles. CBD and THC help in relaxing the contractions of the various tissues.


The flow of blood increases as soon as the cannabinoids provoke the smooth muscles. The increase in blood flow provides relief to the tissues and as a result, the deadly cramps decrease.

What are some natural remedies for cramps?

What if suddenly you get cramps and you have no medicines available at home. What will you do then?
You’ll resort to home remedies, isn’t it?

As we have already talked about CBD and other drugs, let’s now talk about the remedies and treatments you
can do at home. But what are the possible treatment and home remedies for cramps? Wait, wait! We have
jotted down some of them below.

Apply heat

 Heat is the best home remedy. You can apply heat on your belly and back to get rid of the pain. For that, hot water bottles are probably the best option, they give relief from cramps. What heat does is, it increases the flow of blood and soothes the muscles. Also, it sends oxygen to the areas where there is no oxygen.

Also, according to some scientists, heat works on the same receptors as CBD. 

Fish oil

Isn’t it interesting, various studies say that the materials made by using fish oils lessen the pain of period cramps. What happens is, fish oil contains omega-3 acids and they help in shifting the body from producing the prostaglandins.


Chocolates reduce stress as we as the period cramps. Actually, chocolates contain magnesium which helps in decreasing the pain as well as prostaglandin levels. Also, lentils avocados work the same. 

Treat early

According to many doctors, a person suffering from the cramps must take the medication before the pain becomes unbearable. Because if you’ll hold on longer, then the prostaglandins would be harder to control.

Moreover, Cannabinoids work more effectively and efficiently. Many women suggest using the same. 


Here we are at the end of this article! And by now, we are pretty sure some of your pain is released just by
reading all these remedies and treatments. But let us now talk practically, if you’re thinking of treating your
cramps by using CBD or Cannabinoids, then we recommend you to go for it. These Cannabinoids help
women lessen their pain. 

Periods and cramps are the most horrific days of every girl’s life because of the unlimited amount of pain
they offer. The days and nights both seem longer and it’s so hard to bear it all. You are always in the state of
restlessness, moving and turning in search of a position to get relief but fail. But now, you don’t need to
worry when CBDs are here. CBD helps in reducing the pain as well as they provide soothing effects to the
body of a female.

So next time you suffer from cramps, make sure to try CBD. They are absolutely worth it!!

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