CBD Oil And Pregnancy

CBD oil and pregnancy

Expecting a baby is usually a beautiful experience especially for young mothers. It can also be one of the
most uncomfortable owing to the range of conditions pregnant mothers undergo. These include anxiety,
insomnia, morning sickness, and occasional cramping. Most pregnant ladies, therefore, resort to different
health supplements to diagnose and ease the symptoms. One of these supplements that have shown massive
success is the CBD oil
, which is made from cannabidiol, an active part of the hemp plant.

Despite its widespread use, what still bothers many people is whether this supplement is safe for pregnant mothers. Therefore, we will explore this subject in this article as we look at whether this supplement is safe, how one can take it, and the effects it can have during pregnancy. 

What is CBD oil?

CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol, one of the four hundred compounds of the hemp plant. Out of all these
compounds, CBD has a unique chemical structure that resembles endocannabinoids, one of the vital
hormones in the body. CBD oil is derived from this compound. CBD can easily interact with the
endocannabinoid system owing to the similarity in structure between the two. In case you are wondering
how this system fits in our discussion, it highly contributes to homeostasis, which is a state of body balance.

This compound, therefore, has many health benefits to the body. Unlike other compounds that target only one organ, CBD focuses on all the major organs on the body and, as a result, relaxes the muscle and boost immune function, among many other functions. CBD doesn’t only come in oil form. You will get it in capsules and edibles too. One of the reasons this compound has gained popularity is that it is easy to use and can be customized to fit your condition. Its dose can also stay long without any special storage requirements. 

Why do pregnant women use CBD oil?

Expectant mothers use CBD to cure or ease the range of symptoms that come with being expectant. These
include nausea, cramping, insomnia, anxiety, and high-stress levels. Other symptoms include acne,
migraines, mood disorders, and inflammatory conditions that cause swellings in the face, legs, and other
notable body parts.

Here are some severe conditions that we need to discuss :


Hyperemesis Gravidarum

This condition, popularly known as HG, is the occasional and, most of the time, extreme morning sickness that expectant mothers experience. This condition can get worse to a debilitating level. It is mostly accompanied by vomiting, which goes up to thirty or forty times a day. Other common symptoms include lack of appetite and fatigue, which can lead to severe dehydration and malnutrition.

However, most of the medication recommended for this condition causes adverse effects such as increased anxiety, dizziness, and blurred vision. As a result, CBD oil has, over the years, been a pretty common prescription for mothers dealing with this pregnancy symptom. Therefore, CBD oil helps tackle nausea that causes constant vomiting without having to experience all the side effects of the common prescription drugs. 


Unfortunately, all these symptoms experienced in pregnancy can easily make an expectant
mother depressed. These include insomnia, raging hormones, isolation, and constant inflammation.

CBD, therefore, treats all these conditions, helping mothers avoid depression.  

Is CBD oil safe for pregnant mothers?

People are still struggling with whether CBD products are safe for pregnant mothers long after their use
began. Fortunately, most of the cannabinoids in the hemp plant are not psychoactive save for THC and a few
others. Anecdotal evidence and preliminary research shows that CBD is safe for pregnant mothers, and the
hesitance experienced from several experts can be attributed to a lack of proper conclusive research.

One can also confidently say that CBD is safe for pregnant mothers because there is no negative research
pointing to it being dangerous for this group. There still isn’t any long-term research touching on this,
though. Some of the reasons you won’t come across any related research anywhere is because it takes time
to get any research touching on pregnant mothers approved. There are a lot of formalities surrounding this
process. Most professional ethic boards do not readily welcome these types of research requests, especially
now that there is sufficient proof that this compound is safe. 

Pregnancy experiences are also different in mothers, which leads to study variations. Pregnant mothers do
not experience uniform symptoms, making it hard to interpret data related to this oil. Lastly, this nature of
research requires a lot of time. CBD oil became popular not so long ago and has not, therefore, given
researchers sufficient time to explore this topic and come up with conclusive findings. The process is also
quite expensive since clinical trials can consume millions of dollars, time notwithstanding. 

We haven’t also seen any institution offering to sponsor such research, which is a significant disadvantage for independent researchers. All in all, CBD oil poses no or little threat to pregnant mothers as it stands. 

How can women use CBD oil safely during pregnant ?

Even the world’s safest compounds indeed have repercussions when used poorly. Therefore, there exist a number of steps that pregnant mothers can take to eradicate some of the conditions that may come with wrong CBD use. Take a look.

Don’t rush

You might be tempted to rush the process and take a lot of CBD oil to ease the symptoms that come with pregnancy. Being expectant may be indeed uncomfortable, but you have to take care of yourself and the baby. Therefore, ensure that you start low and go slow when using CBD oil or any other health supplement. I would advise that you check your dosage during the beginning. An excellent hack is starting with a small dose and evolving slowly.

What does your doctor say?

It is not advisable for expectant mothers to try out new random health-related things or doses without
contacting the doctor. You don’t want to put yourself or the baby in danger. Therefore, come clean with your
doctor and inform him or her about your plans to incorporate CBD oil in your journey as a mother.

Therefore, your doctor will give you the go-ahead depending on your underlying medical conditions or other medications that you might be taking at the moment. He or she will know whether CBD will serve you well or not. 

Track your progress

You shouldn’t take something that won’t help you in the end. To avoid exposing yourself to given side effects and wasting money, ensure that you note your dosage and progress. You should know how your body responds to the supplement and whether it is helping you. This information will help your doctor recommend another course of action. Make sure that you know the dosage of CBD oil you take every day, change in your symptoms, and any side effects that may be linked to the supplement.

Prioritize quality

Everything matters when you are expectant, ranging from what you eat, inhale, or drink. Therefore, ensure
that you go for high-quality CBD oil. Unfortunately, you will realize that most health supplements in the
market are unregulated, putting you at the manufacturers’ mercies. You will likely encounter a series of lowquality products that may harm you or the baby.

The same applies to CBD oils, with some manufacturers including heavy metals, pesticides, and other
organic solvents in their formulas. You definitely know that all these can harm your baby. You must,
therefore, settle for manufacturers that take part in third party testing. This mostly occurs when a company
sends samples of its products to an independent lab to test it and check whether there are any heavy metal or
organic solvents. Only then can you be sure that you won’t predispose your bay to harm. 

Therefore, expected mothers must conduct proper research before buying any CBD oil and ascertain whether they did and excelled in the third-party tests. 

Only use CBD isolates

It would be best if you had in mind that there are only two main types of CBD products. You can either
choose the full-spectrum extracts or the CBD isolate. Full-spectrum, just like the name suggests, contains all
the phytochemicals produced in Cannabis, including THC. THC is a pretty dangerous compound, especially
for pregnant mothers. It can quickly go through the placenta, reaching the baby. In case you still don’t
understand, THC is the compound that causes the high effect of Marijuana. You can now imagine what it
could do to your unborn child.

The other type of CBD products is the Isolates, which has only the CBD compound. All the other substances, including the dreaded THC, have been removed. Even though these two products have their own pros and cons, using the full spectrum ones poses more harm to you and the baby. Therefore, first confirm whether a product is an isolate. 


CBD oil is a valuable supplement that is used by expectant mothers all over. There are no researches proving that it is dangerous to pregnant women and is, therefore, considered safe for different applications.

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