CBD Muscle Recovery

CBD muscle recovery

Cannabidiol or CBD is an effective and popular organic chemical compound that’s found in cannabis plants.
The non-psychoactive compound has a wide range of health properties that make it suitable for promoting

CBD usually works with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system to promote wellness. Note that the endocannabinoid system promotes homeostasis in the body, leading to a state of healthy or normal balance. Through its interaction with this system, CBD helps to treat various forms of discomfort including muscle pain and injuries.

How CBD Works for Muscle Recovery

CBD employs different mechanisms to promote muscle recovery. Below is an overview of how this organic product helps to promote better muscle health.

CBD and Worn Out Muscles

Why do body muscles get sore or painful after demanding workout sessions? Well, a workout is important
for the development of lean mass. The process usually involves the breakdown of muscle fibers that lead to
the development of lean muscles.

However, the breakdown process usually leads to inflammation. This can cause serious body changes.
Excess body inflammation makes the recovery of muscles quite difficult. In addition to that, it might
increase your chances of getting injuries. This has an overall impact on how the immune system functions.

However, CBD can prevent all these thanks to its natural anti-inflammatory properties. It’s one of the best organic solutions to aid the recovery of muscles. Additionally, it has antioxidant properties that help to reduce muscle spasticity. 

CBD and Muscle Tension

Using CBD oil helps to reduce muscle tension. Injuries and post-workout can result in serious muscle
tension that may lead to pain. That’s why doctors sometimes administer muscle relaxants to help treat
injuries are aid the body’s recovery from exercise.

However, prescription and over-the-counter muscle relaxants usually come with serious side effects. This
includes trembling, sedation, dizziness, and confusion. These can slow down the recovery period and can
significantly reduce athletic performance. 

However, CBD can be an effective muscle relaxant. It eases muscle tension and produces therapeutic effects. Unlike clinical muscle relaxants, CBD oil doesn’t produce serious side effects. It works naturally with the endocannabinoid system to produce optimal results. 

Alleviating body aches

Anecdotal evidence and various research studies show that CBD may help to relieve pain. It’s considered to
be a potent painkiller that may provide the body with support and lead the user to experience less pain. The
organic product implements several mechanisms including:

  •  Using the vanilloid receptors to reduce the body’s sensitivity to pain.
  • Inhibit how pain gets transmitted to the brain and the spinal cord 
  • Reducing how the body responds to inflammation 

CBD and muscle growth

Muscle growth can be promoted by several mechanisms. It may include the use of supplements and
pharmaceutical drugs. Besides that, those who are keen on strengthening their muscles can also use CBD oil
and related products.

CBD works with the endocannabinoid system to promote anti-catabolic response. This helps to preserve existing muscle mass and promote the faster growth of lean muscles.

The Effectiveness of CBD Oil in Treating Muscle Pain

CBD has proved itself as a versatile and effective compound. Although there is still a need for more research
studies, CBD is showing promising results. A study that was done by the Frontiers in Neurology in 2018
indicates that cannabidiol can improve mobility in people with multiple sclerosis.

The source also published how CBD can help to reduce inflammation, reduce fatigue, and pain. It suggested that a high-quality source of cannabidiol has potent anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and antioxidative properties that help to enhance wellness.

How to Use CBD Products

You can find CBD oil in multiple forms. This helps to enhance ease of use. Besides that, the various forms of CBD oil help to determine how quickly the user will feel the effects of CBD or how long the effects of the compound can be felt. The most commonly used forms of CBD include:

  •  CBD tinctures: they are for sublingual intake
  • CBD oils: you can add the oil drops to food, supplements, and drinks 
  • CBD gummies and capsules: they are for oral intake 
  • CBD vape juice: for inhalation 
  • CBD topicals: it’s applied externally to the skin 

With tinctures, you place a few drops under the tongue. The CBD will find its way to the bloodstream via
the blood capillaries found underneath the tongue. CBD tinctures provide almost instant effects. It takes less
than 30 minutes for it to be absorbed. Its effects can last for hours in the body. 

CBD edibles such as gummies and capsules are for oral intake. This means that they have to undergo the
digestive process and pass through the liver before reaching the bloodstream. It might take 2 to 3 hours
before the effects of CBD edibles can be felt. However, they tend to stay longer in the body. It’s estimated
that you can still feel the effects of up to 8 hours or more.
CBD vape juice is very popular because it provides users with almost instant effects. This is because users
inhale the CBD vapor by using a vape pen. The compound goes directly into the bloodstream via the lung
lining. However, the effects of vape juice only last for a couple of hours in the body. 


Topical products are the most commonly used products in this category. This is because topical products provide localized or strategized effects. You need to apply to the specific body part on the skin and you can experience more than four hours of pain relief.

Advantages of Using CBD Oil for Muscle Recovery

CBD oil is a highly beneficial product for muscle recovery. That’s why a lot of athletes use it as a post-workout supplement. A report by NCBI shows that it utilizes analgesic and anti-inflammatory mechanisms in the body. So, what are some of its benefits for fitness enthusiasts and athletes?

Pain Reliever

Post-workout muscle strains and injuries can cause the body considerable pain. This might not only impact
your physical wellbeing but also mental health.

However, you can use CBD after your workout session to relieve this kind of pain. The product has analgesic i.e. pain-relieving properties. This makes it effective in reducing pain resulting from stiff joints, intense workouts, and different types of injuries.

Treating Inflammation

Inflammation usually causes two effects. First, it may make you weak and discourage muscle recovery.
Secondly, it may help to stimulate impactful training adaptations. From the two effects, it’s clear that excess
inflammation can considerably interfere with physical wellness.

CBD, on the other hand, has anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, it can help to reduce the production of cytokine in the body – a substance that enhances the level of inflammation. This helps to aid inflammatory recovery.

Improved Sleep Patterns

Taking drugs for recovery is one of the most used and recommended remedies. But did you know that sleep
is also an essential aspect of recovery? Well, sleep is still the best management technique for improving
human health.

But what happens if you can’t sleep after you have been injured or suffering from pain? You will find that your general health will deteriorate. However, you can use CBD oil to improve your sleep patterns. The cannabidiol compound has therapeutic and relaxing effects. So, it improves the speed of falling asleep and promotes a better quality of sleep. 

The Best Alternative to Opioids

As much as opioids are great for pain treatment, they can easily result in addiction. That’s why doctors
normally advise patients to avoid depending on such drugs. Opioid addiction can easily result in an overdose
and in certain cases even fatality.

The best alternative to these drugs is cannabidiol. It’s great for long-term use, especially in pain
management. It should be noted that CBD does not result in dependency or addiction. So, using it can
eliminate the risk of overdosing or death.

Note: CBD can also be used as an alternative to over-the-counter NSAIDs that are toxic and harmful.  

It promotes endurance

In order to sustain longer and frequent workout sessions, the body needs better muscle endurance. If you are
an athlete, you know that the individual with stronger muscle endurance is the one who gets to win.

Scientists have discovered that CBD can contribute to better muscle endurance. This is because it helps the endocannabinoid system to optimize its function. As a result, it leads to better muscle strength and better speed for long-distance runners.

How to Get the Most from CBD for Muscle Recovery

CBD definitely aids in the recovery process of muscles. However, you can still shorten the recovery time by implementing several effective measures. To get the most from CBD during the muscle recovery process here is what you can do:

Stretch after workout

When most people are done with their workout sessions, they pick up everything and leave. However, it’s important to stretch briefly post-workout. This helps to improve the blood flow to worn out and affected muscles. In addition to that, it helps to enhance the removal of accumulated lactic acid.

Use multiple types of CBD

CBD’s flexibility provides users with ease of use. While most people use topical products for muscle recovery, taking other products is also beneficial. For instance, you can use CBD both internally and externally. Apply the topical cream but sometimes also take CBD tinctures or edibles. This helps to provide optimal results within a short period.

Drink adequate water daily

Worn-out cells and newly regenerated cells in the body need an adequate water supply for healthy development. Generally, the recovery process involves the release of lots of metabolic waste and other toxic compounds into the bloodstream. Taking adequate water helps to flush these wastes out of the body through urine or sweat.

Take time to relax and rest

After intense workout sessions or injuries, your body needs to rest. That’s why you will find that healthy gym sessions are usually scheduled for specific days in order to give the body adequate rest. Find a couple of hours to relax during the day and ensure that you get sufficient sleep at night.

Consider your diet

The type of foods you eat can help to determine how quickly you will recover. That’s why doctors normally
recommend certain foods to patients to ensure that they get on their feet faster. So, watch out what you eat.

For repair of worn-out cells and development of lean mass, consume a wholesome diet. It should be rich in phytonutrients and proteins. The body needs this type of raw material to build complex muscle tissue structure. Don’t forget to take foods with lots of nutrients and vitamins.

Choose quality CBD products

Overall, the CBD market isn’t under no strict regulation. So, your chances of finding a low-quality product
are high. CBD products of poor quality are harmful to your health and may lead to the development of
serious ailments. This is because they contain artificial additives and contaminants such as heavy metals.

Go for high-quality CBD products that offer great chances of shortening the recovery period. Check the product label, the reputation of the brand, other customer reviews, and the availability of independent 3rdparty lab test reports.


Seek medical advice

Sometimes muscle pains could be indicators of a serious underlying disease. In case you use CBD and the pain still doesn’t go away, then make sure that you seek serious medical attention. CBD oil is normally used for management purposes and it doesn’t promise to cure diseases.

The Bottom Line

CBD is a powerful natural treatment alternative that can aid muscle recovery. It works with the
endocannabinoid receptors to reduce muscle aches, promote muscle recovery, and improve muscle
endurance. When used with a proper diet plan and healthy lifestyle, it may lead to optimal athletic results
within a short period.

CBD oil comes in several forms hence users have various options to choose from. It all depends on the effects that you want to achieve and for how long. Even though CBD has minimal side effects, it’s always advisable to first speak to your doctor before using it. In case you notice serious side effects, discontinue use and seek medical advice.

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