CBD Oil For Hair Loss

CBD Oil For Hair Loss

The cannabis world is in a frenzy right now. With the continued favorable legislation and its legalization
across North America, its attitude is quickly changing as more people embrace its usage. Celebrities are
among the latest to join the bandwagon with sports and lifestyle gurus like Martha Stewart and Mike Tyson
appending their approval stamps. Heck, this isn’t a Snoop thing anymore. Even more astounding is that
women take leading roles in such companies as more and more acreage goes into cannabis farming. I would
say that this is the perfect time to be alive as we witness people breaking the “grass” ceiling.

CBD is proven to contain essential nutrients and oils that just might be the recipe for your perfect hair day.
You’ll be able to maintain your mane, making your hair luscious, longer, thicker, and healthier. No more
whipping up crazy avocado concoctions laced with shampoos, and God knows what! 

Let’s be “blunt” for a moment. Character maketh a man/woman. But at some point, their hair certainly helps. So, what’s all the buzz about cbd oil and hair loss that’s got the world spinning in a craze? This article looks at both perspectives- from those claiming it works and experts who claim its just a trend backed by limited research. Ready to get lit and find out? Let’s dig in. 

What's CBD

Cbd stands for cannabidiol, a chemical compound from the hemp plant with minimal THC compound (
about 0.3 %). THC is the psychoactive chemical element in cannabis that’s responsible for the high effect. It
means that you won’t have to worry about the psychoactive effects of using cbd.

Cbd is known to help with bouts of epilepsy, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Further, it’s the perfect gift from mother nature since it comes packed with essential elements that do wonders for your hair. Now, let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of how cbd oil helps combat some of the notorious methods that promote hair loss.

CBD oil For Dry Hair

Both men and women are in a constant race to attain softer and shinier hair. For those with dry, strawlooking hair, adding cbd oil to your hair care regimen will definitely give the much-needed boost. It’s filled
with 21 amino acids, which are the protein building blocks needed for hair repair. Adding cbd to your hair
shampoo will help reduce dryness and strengthen your hair.

Cbd oil also comes packed with antioxidants ( vitamins A, C, and E) known to protect your hair from harsh environmental radicals keeping your mane healthy and strong.

CBD oil and Itchy Dry Scalp

A dry, itchy scalp is a significant problem that doest favor any of us. Why wait until your next shampoo wash to relieve yourself from the uncomfortable feeling? You are justified to blame seasonal changes since it’s the main culprit. Cbd oil comes packed with fatty acids that can rejuvenate your hair shaft. Further, the said properties can reduce itchy, flaky scalp by connecting to receptor cells, toning down inflammation. Using cbd oil infused shampoo can improve itchy, flack scalp, eczema, dandruff, and dermatitis.

Cbd Oils for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a sad but natural aspect of life. Whether it’s through stress, male pattern baldness, overprocessing
of hair, or medical reasons, it’s always a sensitive issue for women and more so men. Cbd oil is proven to
stimulate hair growth by improving blood circulation in the scalp. Blood circulation helps distribute
nutrients to hair follicles leading to regeneration. The topical application of cbd oil reaches the sebaceous
glands, helping lubricate hair follicles enhance hair growth.

According to Vegamour, cbd oil doesn’t directly go into your hair follicles and strands and magically regenerate your hair. Rather, it helps your body generate the ideal condition necessary for hair growth. The research points out to the application of cbd as follows;

Reduction of stress through restful sleep

A little less stress isn’t bad at all. We can all benefit from less stressful situations by attaining a state of Zen. Our bodies produce less cortisol- the fight or flight hormone produced during stressful situations. In such conditions, The accumulation of cortisol gets linked to hair loss, lack of sleep, and weight gain. Less cortisol means improved bodily functions, less stress leading to minimal hair loss. Cbd oil is known to improve sleep through stress reduction, thus reducing potential hair loss.

Improved Homeostasis

Cbd oil affects the endocannabinoid system responsible for biological functions such as pain, mood, and appetite. It recalibrates the endocannabinoid system, ensuring a health homeostatic function. Homeostasis is the physiological state of balance in the body, including follicular hair growth. Since cbd is a plant-based compound, it has a synergy effect. It means that instead of treating a problem with a single synthetic compound like in modern medicine, it allows its properties to benefit the body wholesomely without side effects.

Best Type of CBD oil to Consume

You just can’t rely on any cbd oil for a healthy mane. You have to be pretty selective to get the desired
outcome. Full-spectrum Cbd oil, pressed from the hemp plant, comes across as recommended. It’s packed
with all the required properties and compounds since it’s pure and unadulterated. It has all the synergistic
nutrients combined with all the beneficial cannabinoids.

The consumables can be in the form of capsules, which take about 30-90 minutes to take effect. Doctors
recommend taking them only on stressful days, if not every day.

Tinctures are a fantastic stress reliever since they are fast-acting. Place 1-2 drops under the tongue using an
eyedropper and hold it in for 30 seconds before swallowing. Usually, it takes between 15-30 minutes to take
. For tinctures that come in spray form, applying one spritz on both  cheeks is generally recommended.

Gummies infused cbd’s are also a fun way of taking them if you don’t mind waiting for 2-4 hours for the effects to kick in. There’s no standard dosage for cbd’s, and since people are different, you can exercise by scaling your consumption to what works for you. However, since it doesn’t have an upper threshold, you could notice some side effects such as fatigue and diarrhea if the dosage is high for you.

Best Topical CBD to Apply

The most common and notable usage is in shampoos and conditioners. Best results get achieved when used 2-3 times a week. Otherwise, prolonged usage leaves your hair dry.


Not all Cbd’s can be applied directly on the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles to effect the desired visible change. Such changes are achievable through micro-encapsulation. Such is a process through which cbd particles are stored and released in minute amounts on the scalp, penetrating the skin’s upper layer. However, when not micro-encapsulated, the formula simply remains on the surface.

Directly Massaging CBD oil into Your Hair

Direct scalp massage stimulates hair growth by increasing blood flower. However, you can give it a boost by applying cbd oil on the palms of your hands and rubbing away to increase effectiveness. You could use the base of your fingers to rub into your scalp towards the surface of your head.

On the flip side….

According to correspondence with a client on the Belgravia Centre, a leading UK hair loss treatment clinic, they suggest a lack of clinical evidence related to cbd hair loss treatment for thinning hair. They indicate that NHS is allowed to prescribe cbd for chronic pain management and not for cosmetic purposes where its effects on hair loss remain unproven.

It states that the only reason why cbd oil typically gets touted as the magic bullet is due to its nutritional
value that is achievable from a healthy balanced diet. They suggest that the oil is unlikely to solve hair loss
problems, mainly if it is a genetic condition, such as male and female pattern baldness. 

Dr. Wilson-poe from the Belgravian Centre intimates that it would be suitable to undergo an assessment to determine hair loss’s root cause before administering proper treatment. He states that there isn’t any evidence related to cbd’s scalp moisturization or treatment of hair loss. He further insists that though cbd shows promising potential across many areas of application, he insists that cbd doesn’t provide the required vitamins and essential acids to support hair and overall bodily health.


Is There Any Truth to The Buzz?

We must understand the various types of hair loss before jumping on the bandwagon and shouting cbd oil
benefits. As earlier said, little medical research has proven its efficacy. The results aren’t that encouraging,
mainly when focusing on male pattern baldness (alopecia) brought about by genetic factors.

However, temporary hair loss brought about by stress-related factors is solvable by cbd oil. Increased blood flow, essential nutrients, coupled with its nourishing properties, seem to work wonders. As the world continues to acknowledge cbd and its benefits, it’s clear that more research is required since conflicting interests and opinions exist on the subject. Still, there exist reasons to be hopeful.

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