CBD for Lyme Disease

CBD for Lyme Disease

What is Lyme disease

It is a bacterial infection that is caused by special Bacteria known as Borrelia bacterium. It can cause a rash on the skin and it will produce many other symptoms like fever and joint pain. This disease can be extremely harmful if left untreated. Many antibiotics can be used for Lyme diseasew and there are many herbal options also available. CBD is one of the best herbal treatments that can help in this disease.

How you get Lyme disease

A person can get this disease if he is bitten by a tick. Different types of ticks can transmit Lyme disease due to the presence of the bacteria in their saliva. When a tick bites a person, the bacteria enter the skin and it can cause an infection there. The infection will start in the form of a rash that can grow and become more painful. The rash usually starts after a week or a month.

What is CBD

Cannabis has hundreds of compounds that are medically beneficial. Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the best compounds present in Cannabis. The main compound present in Cannabis in the form of oil is the CBD. It has a lot of advantages because it can be used for many purposes. CBD can be taken in many dosage forms like tablets, drops, oils, and syrups. CBD can treat Lyme disease. The symptoms of Lyme disease can also be resolved by it. There are many other chemicals present in Cannabis so it should be used carefully. Cannabis does not have side effects because it is herbal therapy. On the other hand, CBD can be used to improve the functions of the body because it is present in many forms.

Symptoms of Lyme disease and CBD

There are a lot of problems that can occur with Lyme disease. These problems are a sign of the disease and these are called the symptoms. The symptoms of Lyme disease can be easily managed by using CBD. Different dosage forms of CBD can be used to treat the different symptoms of this disease.


A rash is the most important symptom of Lyme disease. The rash is an indication that bacteria are present at the site of the tick bite. If the rash is not treated, it can grow and cause a lot of pain for the person.

How CBD affects rashes

According to research, the CBD is proven to be a good treatment for superficial bacterial infections. Due to the antibiotic properties of the CBD oil, it can be applied to the rash to decrease the severity of the rash. It can be combined with the antibiotics to get a quick result. Using the antibiotics creams is also good but the time of application of the Cannabidiol oil and antibiotic creams should be different.


Infection can weaken the human immune system and disturb all the body functions. The disturbance of the body functions can promote tiredness in the body. Lyme disease will disturb a lot of functions in the human body because of the toxins produced by the bacteria.

How CBD affects tiredness

The medical-grade Cannabis can improve the relaxation in the body and help the body fight the disease. Due to relaxation, a lot of body functions will restore. It will decrease the tiredness caused by Lyme disease.

Joint pain

Joint pain can start within a month of the tick bite. If you get joint pain in Lyme disease, there is a chance that the joint pain will keep coming back for years to come. The normal medicines will only give you temporary relief from the joint pains. The herbal therapy can be used to treat the pain in the joints due to Lyme disease.

How CBD affects joint pain

The joint pain can be relieved by massaging the joints with the CBD oil or using medical-grade Cannabis orally. Cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties so using it on the joint as oil form and taking it orally as tablet form can give a lot of relief from the joint pain. It can even give relief when the person has chronic joint pain.


Dizziness is caused by the Lyme disease when the person gets a fever from it. The dizziness can be caused by the toxins produced by the bacteria. The toxins can go into the bloodstream and disturb all the body functions. It will cause dizziness.

How CBD affects dizziness

To treat the dizziness, one can take the CBD in the Cannabis form by the use of medical Cannabis. Even after the main infection is finished, the dizziness can continue so one must continue the use of CBD in normal routine to completely relieve the dizziness caused by the Lyme disease.


Fever is the first sign of Lyme disease. After the tick bite, you should look for two main things: the first is a rash and the second is the fever. The fever is confirmation of the this disease. Many medicines can be used for fever and CBD is one of them.

How CBD affects fever

Medical Cannabis can treat fever due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It should be preferred when a person has a low-grade fever chronically rather than a high-grade fever. Having a high-grade fever can be a medical emergency so the person should go to the hospital.


We all know that when a person has Lyme disease, he is going to have a lot of discomforts that can lead to sleeplessness. There are no special medicines that can be used to treat the sleepness in this disease so herbal therapy should be preferred.

How CBD affects sleeplessness

Nothing treats the sleepness better than Cannabis. The CBD inside the Cannabis has an amazing effect on sleeplessness as it produces a relaxing effect. When a person takes Cannabis, he will start feeling relaxed and it will help to go to sleep.


It is also called short term memory loss. When the Lyme disease is left untreated, it can go in a chronic phase. It can start affecting the brain. You will see the effects on the brain in the form of memory loss. The person will not be able to remember small details of daily life. It can greatly affect the quality of the life and well-being of a person.

How CBD affects memory

Cannabis contains many compounds and CBD is one of them. It can improve the memory of a person by correcting the disturbance in the neurotransmitters of the brain. CBD can greatly enhance memory especially when the memory loss is due to this disease.

Mood changes

Mood change in this disease is due to many factors. There can be neurotransmitter disturbance in the brain that is causing the mood changes. The pain in the joints or fever can also affect the mood of the person. The general medicines cannot provide relief for the mood changes. The stronger medicines that affect the nervous system are not given in the Lyme disease. In this disease, mood changes can be managed by using herbal therapy.

How CBD affects mood changes

Cannabis is proven to improve the mood of the person by using the special chemicals that can correct the disturbance in the neurotransmitter. The human brain can also get affected by this disease. CBD can be taken orally in the form of CBD tablets to relieve the mood change problems. There are many compounds in Cannabis that can also affect the mood of a person so we can rely on the CBD and other chemicals to do the work and keep us away from the mood changes.

Skin outbreaks

The rash is the main sign of Lyme disease but there can be other skin conditions also that indicate these diseases. When a tick bites you, you should look for skin disease signs. Some pus-filled sacs can appear on the skin near the site of the tick bite or the face. These outbreaks are due to the increased production of the sebum in the sebaceous glands. It is produced so the body can defend against the disease-causing bacteria.

How CBD affects the skin outbreaks

The CBD can be used in the form of a solution to treat the outbreaks on the face and other parts of the body. Once the solution is applied to the skin, it will show the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD. It will start the repair process and the outbreaks will reduce. It can also prevent the sebaceous glands from producing more sebum on the face to prevent the outbreaks.



By looking at the effects of this disease, we can easily conclude that Lyme disease is very harmful to the human body. A person can get the Lyme disease if the tick bites a person and tick has the Lyme disease bacteria in the saliva. CBD can be used to treat Lyme disease because it can manage many of the disease symptoms. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of the CBD can do wonders for Lyme disease treatment.

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