CBD Oil For Mental Health

CBD oil for mental health

Do you have a mental health condition and are wondering if CBD oil is an effective treatment? Consumer
interest regarding the use of cannabis and most specifically cannabidiol, or CBD as a treatment for different
types of mental health conditions has been witnessing a sharp increase in recent years. In 2017, the rate of
the global population reported to have anxiety disorders according to the Our World in Data was 3.8 percent.
This put anxiety ahead of depression as the most common mental health disorder globally. In the United
States, around 20% of people suffer from anxiety of some form. With almost 330 million people currently,
this implies that about 60 million people in the U.S are affected by anxiety. Interestingly, many of them with
mental health issues use CBD oil to help them relieve anxiety.

With CBD now legal as per the Farm Bill 2018, there’s a considerable amount of freedom given to researchers to conduct studies on mental health advantages of CBD oil. 

CBD Oil and Studies

CBD oil is plant-based and contains phytocannabinoids. Other cannabinoids are naturally made by the body
and have links with your relaxed or happy moments. Also, when you have adequate sleep or are in the
course of exercise, they get released. Since their production in your body is natural, they make up your
endocannabinoid system and also help your body to stay in balance. CBD interacts with your
endocannabinoid system to help moderate inflammation, enhance the functioning of your digestive system
and maintain a healthy mood.

In addition to helping the body physically, it may help it mentally as well. According to research studies, CBD may reduce the following; autism symptoms, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, addiction, bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia as well as even feelings of isolation. CBD oil can also support with its calming effects on your central nervous system. It can as well support the brain center in charge of memory function, called hippocampus. 

CBD and Anxiety

May studies have been conducted on the effects of CBD oil on mental health, and they have shown that the oil may reduce self-reported anxiety. According to suggestions from some of these research studies, CBD oil can help lessen symptoms for patients that suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) as well as fear of public speaking. Studies previously done on the impact of CBD on anxiety have revealed that CBD Oil may turn out to be a promising treatment for mental health conditions for generalized anxiety, panic disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder as well as even PTSD.


The number of people with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) keeps increasing especially among veterans. Currently, research on the effects of CBD on PTSD and the reduced symptoms it comes with is going on. Since the source of PTSD is the experience that an individual gets from a traumatic event such as combat or any other life-threatening moment, the sufferer may have haunting memories and sleep disorders. These symptoms also include a limited ability to function properly in the society. With such symptoms, maintaining a good quality of life becomes impossible. Many people experiencing PTSD have embraced CBD Oil instead of pharmaceutical standard treatments as a new alternative to cater for their PTSD condition. CBD oil doesn’t have any established side effects, unlike pharmaceutical treatments that come with less desirable outcomes.

CBD and Schizophrenia

Generally, more individuals with schizophrenia are prone to use cannabis. As a result, the psychotic
symptoms of their condition tend to worsen alongside an increasing relapse which leads to poorer treatment
outcomes. According to research, CBD can help to eliminate any worse symptoms THC produces.

Here are some of the findings from Osborne and associates (2017) on the effects CBD has on schizophrenia:

• That CBD has the properties to reduce delta-9-THC-induced cognitive impairment as well as improve
cognitive function in several pathological conditions.

• Human studies show that CBD may bring a protective impact on delta-9-THC-induced cognitive
impairments. But the human evidence for CBD treatment is limited in pathological states, for example,

In brief, their finding showed that CBD oil might help eliminate the negative effects that people with cognitive and psychotic symptoms related to schizophrenia face.


Researchers have been working on CBD since the 1970s when they came up with initial results revealing that CBD Oil might be an effective treatment for many mental health conditions; from ADHD to anxiety and depression. Currently, the research on how CBD affects ADHD is still ongoing, but it may help take care of specific symptoms. Besides, many of those who have ADHD also experience anxiety, but CBD Oil can eliminate the symptoms of anxiety.

CBD and Addiction

Like with other mental health conditions, CBD has proven to be promising when it comes to handling addiction. According to research studies, CBD it can limit addiction symptoms such as reduction of cravings and most especially those prompted by a specific stimulus. CBD oil also has potent properties that can repair the damage resulting from long time addiction.

CBD and Bipolar Disorder

Many people experiencing symptoms of bipolar disorder turn to CBD oil to reduce them. These symptoms include controlling moods, nervousness, and even stress. CBD can be a great way to take care of a lot of the overwhelming conditions that this disorder comes with. When people with bipolar disorder have a decrease in stress, it brings a positive impact on their condition by way of reducing depressive states. Consuming CBD oil can relieve the patient of stress and also improve the quality of life for anyone living with the disorder.

CBD and Sleep Disorders

CBD has the potential to calm anxieties which is a hindrance to your sleep. It has shown that it has the ability to sleep faster as well as even extend REM sleep. Apart from sleeping faster due to reduced anxiety, it also helps to improve the individual’s quality of sleep for people with a REM behavior disorder. CBD conditions the body to keep on in REM sleep or REM Atonia.

More on Positive Effects of CBD

Though the positive effective linked to the use of CBD in helping people with mental health issues are
many, it’s always advisable to talk to your physician or health care provider before trying any CBD oil.
Engaging your doctor in a talk about taking CBD and the benefits it brings to your mental health may be an
opportunity to expand your knowledge on your treatment. It also helps you withdraw from conventional Big
Pharma approaches. As ongoing studies about the benefits of using cannabidiol for mental issues come out,
we look forward to seeing an extended list of benefits from CBD oil. A bigger number of studies have
revealed both physical and mental benefits; meanwhile, other studies are still underway.

Besides, remember that CBD products are an alternative that is not backed by insurance, like traditional prescriptions. So, CBD can have a positive effect on your health plan cost by reducing the overall cost of healthcare. It’s always imperative to discuss with your physician what the latest information is on this topic so that you can be in charge of your health as an important step towards making the quality of your life better.

The need for more research for CBD

Though we’ve some research-based information on CBD, there’s still a lot of needed and essential
information that is currently still under research on CBD oil’s effects and its long-term impact on mental
health. So far, there are no long-term risks known to researchers. However, it doesn’t imply with certainty
that there are no risks at all as there’s still room for additional research.

A much bigger number of people that consume CBD have not reported experiencing any extreme side
. However, there are some consumers of the product who complain of sensitivity which comes in the
form of fatigue or diarrhoea.

In some cases, specific reasons apply to why certain individuals experience side effects. For example, some
CBD products may come with less CBD levels than they purport.

CBD is popular, but you still need to be aware of the way it works. Make sure to keep that in mind as you
use the treatment for whatever mental health disorder you’re dealing with. There’s nothing more important
about taking treatment than knowing the way it works and what dosage to take. Note that CBD neither
replaces anti-depressants nor anti-psychotics. So, if you’re on any prescription medication, continue taking it
while waiting for when your healthcare provider may recommend otherwise. Take note of the dosage you
take, and endeavor to keep records of the way you feel. Whether you’re feeling good or not, don’t
discontinue taking any of the medications your doctor has prescribed to you without first consulting them.

CBD Oil is great for your mental health in several ways as it can handle many mental disorders. Being
natural oil is one of the main reasons it has very minimal side-effects in comparison with the harsher
prescription drugs supplied in the market. You need to find out enough about CBD before talking to your
doctor about the best options for you. You can purchase it in several online shops.

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