How Much CBD Oil Should I Take

How much CBD oil should I take?

CBD oil dosage

If you have decided to use CBD oil, you often have to ask yourself the correct CBD oil dosage before
buying. Many products have a partly very different CBD content, and the recommendations are given for the
exact number of drops to be taken also differ significantly in some cases. High-quality CBD oil is very
complex to manufacture. The products made from it are therefore inevitably quite expensive. Besides,
everybody tolerates this highly effective nutritional supplement differently. What has no effect for one user
can trigger an enormous need for sleep in another? It is, therefore, essential to gradually find the right dose.

A so-called “step-up” approach could be defined through tests and test runs from practice. The dosage of CBD is precisely tailored to the particular need. It is crucial that you first deal with the mathematics of dosing. For this reason, the following article should clarify how best to dose CBD oil. 

Tips for dosing cannabidiol oil

To properly dose cannabidiol hemp oil (or CBD oil ), it is best to first stick to the following tips : 

1. How much CBD do I need?

Especially at the beginning, you don’t know how much CBD per 10ml bottle or what percentage you should buy. How “strong” should the CBD oil be?We generally recommend getting in with a maximum of 10% oil. Such is very simple: With a 10% oil, you have found an approximate middle and can dose over the number of drops. If you take a lot of drops, you are fictitious with a 24-25% oil. If you take a few tears, you are false with a 5% oil. So if you get in with a 10% oil, you can try everything out, find out its “strength” and then go shopping. If you want to be on the safe side, you can also quickly start with a 3-5% CBD oil.

2. Increase the CBD dose slowly

It is always advisable to start slowly and to increase the number of drops gradually. An entry could be four drops twice a day. In the long term, you could also take 15 drops three times a day – depending on how you have adapted the CBD oil to your own needs. It all depends on the user, the CBD oil itself and the intended use.

3. Use the same dose of CBD for a long time

Because CBD oil is a natural product, it is advisable to increase the dose after a few days when trying out the correct CBD oil dose.

4. Finding the Right Way to Take CBD Oil There are

Several ways to take CBD oil. More information can be found below.

5. If necessary, consult a doctor.

Finding the right dose - how much CBD do I need?

The dosage of CBD oil depends first of all on the CBD content of the available CBD oil. Today the
contained CBD doses range from 2-3% too high to more than 20% ( 27% CBD oil – Vitadol Gold or 25%
CBD oil Cannexol from Cannhelp).

As already mentioned, the correct dosage of CBD oil should first be started with a small dose. For this reason, we also recommend CBD oil with a low to medium CBD content, such as the 10% Vitadol Complex. In this case, the dose can be controlled very easily via the number of drops taken. 

How is CBD absorbed in the body?

In general, CBD can be taken in three different ways: Orally, through the skin or inhalation. CBD oil is usually taken orally, but this can be done in two different ways. We generally recommend placing CBD oil directly under the tongue and letting it stay there for 30-60 seconds. In this way, the majority of the contained CBD can be absorbed through the oral mucosa, which is very well supplied with blood. But it is also conceivable to swallow the CBD oil directly. In this case, the CBD is absorbed via the gastric mucosa in a somewhat slower way. In the body, the CBD then reaches the brain via the blood. Cannabidiol there stimulates three endogenous receptors: CB1 receptor, 5-HT1A receptor and the vanilloid receptor. Taking CBD by inhalation using so-called CBD e-liquids is also becoming increasingly popular. We also offer these products, which are consumed with the help of a vape pen/e-cigarette, in our shop. If you want to supply your body with CBD through the skin, you could consider CBD cream and CBD ointment.

CBD overdose - can I take too much CBD?

If you approach the dosage of CBD oil correctly, you should generally not run the risk of consuming “too much” CBD. It should be noted anyway that an overdose by CBD is not possible in the classic sense. The most potent expected effect with an ” overdose ” of CBD could only be an increased relaxation effect, which may lead to the feeling of fatigue.

Which CBD content is the right one?

For many, the question arises: Which CBD content is the right one for me? However, everyone has to find the answer to this question for themselves. We often recommend 10% CBD oil, since it is easy to calculate the amount of CBD administered and the price-performance ratio is outstanding. However, if you want to be more careful, you should start with oil with 3-5% CBD content. There is no “right or wrong” here because one thing should be clear: 2 drops of 5% CBD oil contain as much cannabidiol as one drop of 10% oil. The number of reductions is more critical than the CBD content.

What is the daily dose recommended?

CBD oil can be used daily to strengthen the immune system or to calm the nerves in general. Everyone has to find out the optimal daily dose for themselves and gradually find their “sweet spot”. A dose of 5 – 10 milligrams per day may be sufficient for relaxation.

Which dosage of CBD oil is suitable for which symptoms?

Appetite-suppressant, headache, nausea, difficulty falling asleep, fear of exams: 5 to the max. 20 mg / day Cramps, menstrual pain, depression, MS flare-ups, indigestion: 20 to the max. 100 mg / day More than 100 mg/day: Use only on medical advice!

How much is CBD oil healthy a day?

There is no maximum daily dose. CBD oil cannot overdose, and you cannot poison yourself with it. However, not much helps. It is therefore essential to define the optimal daily dose for yourself and to vary it very carefully.

How much CBD oil should you take?

You can drop CBD oil directly under your tongue. We recommend using a mirror for this. Alternatively, you can drop CBD oil on a clean spoon and let it run under the tongue.

Do CBD drops have side effects?

The side effects of CBD have not yet been thoroughly researched. In the studies in which cannabidiol was to
be tested for side effects, the oil was mostly administered to animals in very high doses. It is therefore
questionable whether these side effects are transferable to humans.

In a study with rats, it was demonstrated that anxiety-enhancing effects could also occur if CBD oil is used
continuously for two weeks. A 2015 survey of zebrafish 6 showed that the memories of fish which regularly
received CBD functioned poorly. The evaluation of this result is controversial, however, because
cannabidiol also has a relaxing effect, and the fish may not have shown their full concentration potential.

Pregnant women should refrain from consuming CBD because the hemp component can lead to
malfunctions in the child’s nutritional supply. 7 

Other side effects may occur with a high dose of CBD, for example, when the doctor prescribes it for epilepsy. Active ingredients that contain high doses of CBD include dronabinol and nabilone. Diarrhoea, loss of appetite and drowsiness are among the more common side effects of long-term use of a high dose. If CBD is only used occasionally for relaxation and taken in much lower doses, these effects are considered rare.

Dangers: CBD with alcohol and medication

Interaction can occur when taking CBD and other medications, such as stomach protection ( pantoprazole )
or antidepressants, at the same time. If the breakdown of CBD and other drugs are taken at the same time
occurs via the same mechanisms, both substances can remain in the body longer when taken simultaneously.
S can make the effect last longer or even intensify it – this can be dangerous. Therefore, if you are taking any
other medication regularly, you should consult your doctor about the interactions before taking cannabidiol.

Occasionally, those affected also report heart palpitations while consuming alcohol and taking CBD, but this is not one of the scientifically researched interactions. 

Cannabidiol and driving license - driving allowed?

As already mentioned, cannabidiol is a component of the hemp plant that has no intoxicating effect – unlike
THC. Thus, the consumption of CBD does not restrict the ability to drive: its use and the subsequent driving
are legal.

The standard drug test, therefore, only tests for the presence of THC. This urine test cannot detect the
components of the CBD and is therefore harmful. However, other specific urine tests can detect CBD, CBD
is also detectable in the blood during consumption and a few days after.

However, many CBD products contain not only CBD but also other components of the cannabis plant. Therefore, a small amount of THC is often listed. You should, therefore, take a look at the package insert, especially before driving, and make sure that there is no THC in the medicine.

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