All About CBD OIL In 2020

All About CBD OIL in 2020

What is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol. It has recently been hitting media headlines as a great subject of the
discussion. It is true to say that many myths are revolving around the use of CBD, its medicinal values and
effects linked to marijuana. Most people do not clearly distinguish between CBD and marijuana while others
completely have no idea what CBD is and its reputed medical consequences. Well, if you are reading this
article, congratulations! This is a timely and well-researched piece going into deeper detail to uncover the
mysteries revolving around this ingredient. It also serves well to disapprove any myths linked with CBD
based on intensively researched content.

CBD can be sourced from either hemp plant, albeit cannabis Sativa or the regular cannabis, cannabis Indica. Cannabis is known to contain more than 80 cannabinoids. These strong contents have a unique ability to link up to the human endocannabinoid system. Needless to say, this is the primary reason why CBD proves very efficient in treating and monitoring anxiety and other psychological conditions. Science continues to unearth more health benefits related to CBD.

What is CBD Oil?

There are typically two types of CBD oil: pure CBD oil and full-spectrum CBD oil. As the name suggests,
the first type has nothing else besides CBD and the carrier oil. Carrier oil could be hemp seed oil, coconut
oil, avocado oil or olive oil. Full-spectrum CBD oil on the other hand, has a more complex composition of
CBD, THC and some scores of other cannabinoids found in a cannabis plant. Terpenes are also a key
ingredient of this oil.

There are many ways of taking CBD oil. It can be taken as the oil itself or in the form of CBD oil-infused product which can be CBD gummies, lotions, patches, creams, pills and many more.

What Does CBD Do?

CBD from research has proven to have a myriad of benefits related to health. For individuals suffering from
schizophrenia or those with psychosis, CBD has been proven to lessen anxiety. For those who are addicted
to opiates, CBD has also been confirmed to be a great medical tool for weighing down anxiety that builds up
as a result. That’s not enough, owing to its inflammatory capabilities; CBD is also known to cure acne.

For children suffering from epilepsy, CBD has also been proven to help manage and treat such medical disorders. It is no doubt this is the reason why most medical institutions are recommending Epidiolex prescription; a key ingredient and component of CBD, which is very instrumental in the treatment of chronic epilepsy cases.

Benefits of CBD

Let us now get into further details on the health benefits associated with CBD.

Reduce Acne

Acne is a common skin condition. Based on recent scientific studies, CBD oil treats acne since it has an antiinflammatory property. This also owes to its unique ability to reduce sebum production. CBD oils prevent sebaceous glands from secreting excessive sebum.

It Has Neuroprotective Properties

CBD’s ability to act on the endocannabinoid system and major brain signalling systems provides enriching benefits for people suffering from neurological disorders. Treatment of epilepsy and multiple sclerosis has been achieved by the use of CBD. In test-tube and animal studies, CBD also reduces the progress of Alzheimer’s disease.

Benefits To Hearth Health

Recent research has been successful in establishing and linking CBD to the benefits of the heart and circulatory system. CBD also lowers high blood pressure.

CBD As a pain reliever

Marijuana has been used as a pain reliever for ages. Recently, scientific research has uncovered components
of marijuana including CBD that serve as great pain relievers. The human body has a special system called
the endocannabinoid system that is involved in the regulation of functions such as sleep, pain and immune
response. The body releases endocannabinoids serving as neurotransmitters that bind to the cannabinoid
receptors in the nervous system.

Research has proven that CBD helps to reduce chronic pain by impacting endocannabinoid receptor activity, reducing inflammation and interacting successfully with neurotransmitters. It has been found that a combination of CBD and THC is effective in the treatment of pain that is normally associated with arthritis and multiple sclerosis. An oral spray called Sativex is derived from a combination of THC and CBD. This spray has been approved in several medical settings as a great pain reliever

Reduces Anxiety And Depression

Among the commonest mental disorders are anxiety and depression. These can pose immense impacts on
health and the well-being of an individual. CBD oil has been effective in the treatment of depression and
anxiety. The natural approach of CBD oil leads individuals suffering from the same to healthy and renewed

These healing qualities are linked to CBD’s ability to act on the brain receptors for serotin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood and social behavior. 

Substance Abuse Treatment

CBD has been proven to modify circuits in the brain that are related to drug addiction. In rats, for instance, CBD greatly reduces morphine dependence and heroin- seeking behavior.

Diabetes Prevention

Studies, done on diabetic mice, proved the treatment of the rat with CBD reduced the incidence of getting diabetic by more than 50% and significantly reduced inflammation.

How Safe Is CBD?

Well, CBD has some mild side effects which include fatigue, irritability and nausea. These effects have been
attributed to the wrong dosage administration. It also depends on the person’s response to the dose. CBD is
known to increase the level of the thin Coumadin in your blood.

CBD can also raise the level of other medications targeted to the blood by the amount that grape juice would do. The fact that abounds is that CBD is often administered as a supplement and not as a medication. Care should, therefore, be taken when giving the dose of these supplements with great medical significance. This assures you that the supplement you have just bought has active contents as listed on the label of the container bearing it. Besides, the supplement may bear other elements that are yet unknown. One other thing that may raise eyebrows concerning CBD is that there is no exact known therapeutic dose for a specific medical condition.

The Other Side of the Coin- Side Effects of CBD

A lot of praises are often mounted on the brighter side of CBD. Nothing is perfect and neither is CBD.
Hardly do we find information on its negative health effects. Honestly, knowing the side effects is of
extreme importance. Aside from the fact that it is often tolerated, CBD can harbour side effects on the users.
It is just like medicine with long lists of warnings. Similarly, these side effects can exhibit themselves. They
can also be classified as far-reaching or minimal effects. They vary from one individual to another
depending on their hypersensitivity and response of their bodies to chemical components and drugs. Some
individuals will withstand these consequences while others may not bear them. Our bodies reach differently
to stimulants.

THC component is largely to blame for these side effects. It is a psychoactive ingredient that has seen CBD
face ban threats from time immemorial. The ultimate crime was getting “high” upon its use. Side effects
include dry mouth, poor appetite, drowsiness, diarrhea and fatigue. CBD has also been known to interact and
tamper with the medications one is taking. This can cause blood thinners related issues. 

Another cause of concern on the safety of CBD is its unreliability in terms of purity and dosage. From recent research, it has been proven that more than a quarter of products sold online contain less CBD composition than the labelled composition. Besides, other harmful contents such as THC have been found in many cases. These could pose health hazards to the users endangering their lives. Here is a deep investigation into the most common side effects of using CBD.

It causes Nausea

CBD is known to cause gut discomfort. If one is administered with CBD in oil drops, sickness may follow. As we mentioned earlier, these responses vary in people. Some individuals will withstand such effects. Others don’t. Nausea associated with CBD is common if taken with when hungry or with your stomach empty. What is the rule therefore? You need to apply the thump: You ought to consume CBD after an hour of taking your meal. Afterwards, take a reasonable amount of water. Other states associated with CBD cream include tiredness.


Whereas THC is often hailed for treatment of insomnia, be aware, CBD can make you drowsy as well. This is usually associated with a high dosage of CBD. It is always recommended to take the right dosage. If you wish to avoid such negative effects of CBD, be certain to take only the recommended and right dosage.

Boosted Or Lost Appetite

CBD oil products are highly profiled for their ability to increase appetite. It works well for cancer patients. The consequences can be negative or positive depending on what you want to achieve.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is among the commonest side effects of CBD. What do you think someone feels if their mouth is
filled with some balls of cotton? That is exactly what you would fill with a dry mouth. It is a serious side
effect associated with CBD. Dry mouth is prevalent for those who use CBD oil drops. CBD has been known
to compromise endocannabinoid in the brain. These regulate the production of saliva and once they are
tampered with, it leads to a dry mouth.

The brighter side, however, is that dry mouth can often a temporary case that can easily be solved by taking water after taking CBD oil.


This is the commonest way where the side impact of CBD is exhibited in human beings. In case, you are experiencing this problem due to intake of CBD, there are two possible reasons: Your body is adjusting, just like in the case of other medications. It often takes time.Your body is adjusting, just like in the case of other medications. It often takes time. 

  •  Your body is adjusting, just like in the case of other medications. It often takes time.
  •  Change in regular eating habits since CBD changes your appetite. Your digestive system could be trying to
    adjust to the changed amount of food. 
Diarrhea often takes up to two weeks by which time, the body will have adjusted to CBD and where it should dramatically stop. Your body will have also adjusted to the changed eating habits. For individuals with diabetes or any other condition that may cause weight loss, one has to be watchful on maintaining weight.

Vivid Dreams

Nightmares during your night sleep and dreams are other side effects of CBD oil. Research shows that this effect is attributed to fast and sound sleep that comes alongside the intake of CBD. What takes place is when CBD enables you to go in a fast and sound sleep. It is better termed as slow-wave sleep. After two days or so, you should not be encountering bad dreams. Your brain should then be in a position to adjust and adapt to it.

Side Effects Of CBD On The Kidneys

This topic often carries varied opinions and scores of myths. According to studies, cannabis is of huge
benefit to persons with the advanced condition of acute diseases of the kidney. It enables such patients to
regulate pain and minimize side effects.

Other research indicates that CBD has adverse effects especially if cannabis is consumed through smoking. Patients are often told to avoid using marijuana as well as CBD which could harbor a similar effect. For normal and healthy individuals, CBD does not affect their kidneys.


Dizziness associated with CBD is due to higher dosages. It is always recommended to take the right amounts. Vaping is known to tempt consumers into taking excess amounts of CBD. Since, vaping requires some skill; it may lead to overdose on CBD. Besides, when people vape, they smoke in concentrations of THC and CBD. They become “high” unexpectedly. To avert such adverse effects, one should be keen to ensure that they are vigilant on how they acquire these coils. It should also be noted that dizziness can occur as a result of low pressure which is associated with high moods when on CBD overdose.

Parkinson’s Disease

It is no doubt that CBD is administered for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Proof of abuse is scanty. People are often advised not to take CBD dosage when on other medications. If mixed, mood changes, tiredness and diarrhea could occur. Adverse and more serious symptoms like extreme cases of the disease can also be recorded with high CBD dosage.


Headaches And Migraines

CBD is not known to cause headaches. Headache and migraines can occur due to added components to the CBD. Not all CBD oil brands are reliable and efficient. Some do not stay true to the compositions noted on the labels. A simple change in the CBD composition could be dangerous.

Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure is a symptom associated with the thinning effect of CBD. If an individual is already on a
blood-thinning medication, these side effects of taking a CBD dosage could be very dangerous. For instance,
though CBD is great post-surgical pain relievers, taking them one week before the operation is hazardous to
your health.

CBD will dilate your blood vessels, preventing thrombosis. However, if you are already using blood thinners, make certain that you consult with your physician before daring to use such dosages.

Evidence of the Health Effects of CBD

CBD is hailed for its varied health benefits. The strongest scientific prove is its ability to treat and manage
some of the most dreaded childhood conditions like epilepsy, Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut
Syndrome. CBD becomes an ideal treatment for these cases since such conditions typically respond very
slowly to antiseizure medications. From intensive studies and research, CBD administration has proven to be
a potential medication in greatly reducing the number and frequency of seizures in juniors. It is also known
to be effective in completely toning them down. In a large number of such treatments, CBD completely
cures seizures
and other related childhood complications. The healing effect of CBD is quite striking making
it a great stride in medical research and innovation. Epidiolex is a recently discovered cannabis-derived
medicine with CBD contents. It works well is dealing and curing conditions like seizures and such ailments.

Commonly, CBD is used to manage anxiety. For individuals suffering from the misery of insomnia, research
informs that CBD proves to be incredibly helpful in managing such cases and bringing the patient to

Another huge medical milestone achieved through the use of CBD is its ability to treat varied cases of chronic pain. For instance, a European Journal of Pain used an animal model to monitor CBD’s ability to manage and treat pain. They applied CBD on the skin of the animal to manage pain and inflammation caused by arthritis disease. It worked like magic. Another fascinating scientific study demonstrated the mechanisms by which CBD portrays inflammatory and neuropathic pain. These are often considered as two of the most complicated types of pain to treat. Studies go on in humans to demystify the working of CBD on humans in pain management and control. This is to substantiate the working of CBD to treat chronic pain in humans. 

Is CBD Different From Marijuana?

As we mentioned earlier, CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is among the most prevalent ingredients of the commonly known cannabis. That is marijuana. The deal of difference here is that CBD is a key ingredient of medical marijuana. CBD is a content derived from a hemp plant which is of the same family with a marijuana plant. Whereas CBD is among the key components of marijuana, there are dozens of others, it is not known to rekindle high moods and effects on the users. It has been noted through scientific research that contrary to the far-reaching consequences of marijuana, CBD does not portray any effects of an indicative abuse or dependence symptoms. To date, there are no recorded pieces of evidence of public health issues linked to the use of CBD.

Allergy to CBD

Some allergy symptoms are liked to CBD. Their manifestations are just similar to other allergens such as
pollen, dust and fur. Symptoms include sneezing, itchy skin, runny nose and sometimes nausea. Allergy
related to CBD can be caused by other airborne allergens. Individuals working in CBD manufacturing
industries are often at risk.

Additionally, it has been found out that someone with mild allergy associated with CBD may be at risk of getting a stronger allergy attack from other allergens. That is why in a case where you are consuming CBD for your very first time, you need to be aware of these side effects of CBD in humans- drying of the throat, drying of the skin, itching of the eyes, dry cough, blisters, watery eyes and hives. If you portray such symptoms while on CBD dose, then you are experiencing allergic reactions to it. 

CBD Interaction with drugs

The list here is quite long. While mentioning blood thinners, we highlighted some safety measures and
precautions that need to be taken as far as CBD is concerned. Here are further precautions to pay attention to
when using CBD alongside other drugs

CBD will likely collide in effect with these drugs. Do not use CBD with:

  •  Clobazam and
  • Valproate
  • Zonisamide
  • Topiramate
  • Banzel. Conditions under which side effects of CBD can be shown 
If you use medication that increases or lower the disintegration of other drugs and toxins by the liver. These
include: Topamax, Dilantin, Mycobutin, Ticlid, Luvox, Tagamet and Prilosec.
If you use medications that lower the disintegration of other drugs in the liver which include: Cardarone,
Fortovase, Invirase, Erythrocin, Cardizem and others.
Medications altered by the liver. These include:
Prometrium, Sandimmune, Norvasc, Biaxin, Erythromycin, Sporanox, Allegra, Calana, Isoptin and others.


How Does CBD Affect Pregnancy?

Although there is, so far, no medical proof on the effects of CBD on pregnancy, physicians advise pregnant
women against the use of any form of cannabis, which includes CBD.

Otherwise as of now, research on the effects of CBD on pregnant women has not been done. The existing source of information relies on the consequences associated with cannabis consumption before childbirth. It has been found that consuming weed or marijuana during pregnancy poses a health hazard to the baby and may consequently result in miscarriage. The truth remains that no researched evidence against the use of CBD by pregnant mothers has been done currently. 

Further Dangers of CBD

In this section, we exclusively evaluate the value of your money. Are you purchasing a legit product or not?
Are you purchasing a certified and safe commodity? If you are purchasing them from reliable sources, you
can easily land on the wrong CBD products that could be harmful to your health.

Here are scores of the reason why you may consider not consuming CBD from any seller.

1. FDA

Trust me, CBD is not regulated by the FDA. Neither is it listed as an approved supplement of the diet by the FDA. This is because cannabis still hangs on high drugs list. It can be a daunting task doing some paperwork on something heroin equivalent that happens to be on high drug list category too. A CBD source without an FDA stamp is not wholly reliable. Manufacturers can advertise them the way it deems fit for them. There is no doubt they can change the concentration of CBD without being penalized for the same.

2. THC Traces

It is easy to plunge into poor value for your money and what you expected. There is CBD oil that harbour THC. This can be very dangerous is a minor is directed by a physician to use pure CBD. THC is dangerous to the growing neural paths. Besides, it can render you positive of THC drug for some time.

3. Harmful Substances

Due to the unverified potency of most CBD, it can be possible to land your hands on
harmful CBD. Sometimes you could be blaming your CBD for side effects. Factually, your CBD could be
having harmful substances that can pose health effects. There is a lot of CBD products infused with oil that
are+ available out there in the market. Sometimes CBD oil can be perfect but fused with harmful ingredients.

In vaping, for instance, there are some substances added to it which could be harmful to the consumer of CBD. They can cause respiratory diseases. Besides, some companies may apply harmful chemicals on the plant to make higher yields. In the long run, the consumer ends up taking in these harmful chemicals s and substances. 

4. Insufficient CBD

Most CBD labels do not stay true to what is on the labels. Concentrations may be
designed and labelled to impress and suit the needs of the buyer. In the real sense, you could be buying low
or poor concentrations on CBD. Thus your condition that required CBD will not improve. Worse still,
changing the product and keeping the dose could be dangerous since it piles on you the negative hazards
associated with CBD.

5. Recommended Use

How you take the recommended dose of CBD depends largely on the interaction of CBD with drugs and the same side effects. This means CBD should not harbour heightened effects on the user. Effects are not much felt when consuming gummies and other edible forms of CBD as compared to consuming CBD through vaping, smoking and sublingually.


The bottom line on CBD

Governments are strict on regulating the manufacture of CBD especially those dispensed as supplements.
Most CBD manufacturers have faced the law and stringent scrutiny on their production and distribution of
CBD. With false claims linked to CBD, it has made it necessary to manufacture it under some regulated
measures. It is no doubt that CBD has outstanding medical effects as an ideal option for managing insomnia,
anxiety and chronic pain. Such cases have been proven scientifically and are certified as research remains
intensified on the same. Noteworthy of the fact that some manufacturers produce them with fake claims that
it is a remedy to cancer and related conditions, governments have been strict to monitor such productions.
Companies will go any length to make their products outshine the others in the market and the process
overlooks the welfare and health of the public. In such scenarios, CBD manufacturers come under the rule of
the law.

CBD dosages for particular medical conditions are still the subject of medical and scientific research. That is why we cannot pinpoint the appropriate dosages for particular medications using this product. There should be sufficient and high0quality evidence in human studies and intensive research to ascertain their effectiveness. Anyone deciding to take CBD supplements is strongly advised to seek further information and intelligence form a physician. This is not only to affirm the effects it will cause on your body, but to also countercheck on the effects it may pause on your health especially if you have been taking some other medications.


Final Words

What do we mention about CBD finally? Firstly, don’t be swayed by the world frenzy. Follow these key tips:

  •  Remember to consult a physician before you consume any CBD.
  • Purchase CBD from authentic suppliers. You note them by finding out whether they tested their CBD by
    laboratories. Additionally, findings on the same should be availed to ascertain their authenticity. Whether
    you are making CBD, note the right ingredients.
  • Always stick to the recommended dose. This is a sure way to keep the side effects of CBD at bay. From the
    article, you have realized that side effects are always associated with overdosing.
  •  How your CBD oil matters a lot. It can be administered through pills, creams or edibles.
Lastly, check and keep track of your bod and final results. CBD oil has enriching benefits. We now hope you are fit to reap the healthy benefits of CBD suitable to your health.
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